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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 40 Things to Expect This Fall



As we push deeper into the year, we’re starting to get a whole lot closer to some of the names we’ve been hearing about all year. One of those devices is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, a rumored replacement for the current Galaxy Note 3, and a device that consumers across the planet have fixated on as we move closer to the fall.

For much of 2013, we heard about the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a device that would becoming to replace the immensely popular Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Rumors pointed to the Galaxy Note 3’s supposed display, design, processor, camera, software, launch date, and release date. Nothing was safe.

So when the time came to announce the Galaxy Note 3, there were only a few surprises. Last September, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 3, a device that we consider to be one of the most powerful smartphones of all time and a device that remains an option to those looking for a new smartphone this year.

The device was joined earlier this year by the company’s new Galaxy S5 and the two devices now make up a two-pronged attack against the likes of the iPhone 5s, HTC One M8, and the upcoming LG G3. And while the Galaxy Note 3 remains a big part of Samsung’s lineup, it’s clear that the company is poised to move on later this year.

Galaxy Note 3

One of the biggest pieces of Samsung’s 2014 product pipeline will be its annual Galaxy Note 4. Not only does the series have a fantastic track record but it’s also going to have to go up against a redesigned iPhone 6 that could potentially encroach on its unique screen size. It’s an important device and a device that many consumers are curious about.

Well, we’ve heard all of the Galaxy Note 4 rumors. We’ve also been through many Galaxy S and Galaxy Note launches. And today, we want to take a look at what we expect from the device many people are calling Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Here, we detail 40 things, yes 40 things, that we expect from the Galaxy Note 4 launch, release, and an assortment of other important features that we figure will make up one of Samsung’s most important smartphone releases of all time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launch Date

1. We haven’t seen invites go out yet but it’s safe to assume that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch will be taking place this fall. We’ve seen multiple rumors and multiple Samsung executives point to an arrival in the second half of the year, right around the usual Galaxy Note launch window, and there is no reason to believe that we’ll see a drastic change for better or worse.

2. Most Galaxy Note 4 launch rumors are broad and point to an arrival in the fall or second half of the year. However, a rumor from Android Geeks, the site that accurately reported last year’s Galaxy Note 3 launch date way ahead of time, claims that the launch will take place on September 3rd. This date makes some sense.

While Samsung shifted to separate launch events for its Galaxy S, the Galaxy Note has always launched around the IFA tradeshow in Berlin, Germany. Typically, we see an event take place a day or two before IFA opens. IFA 2014 kicks off on September 5th which means that September 4th and September 3rd are both prime candidates for the Galaxy Note 4 launch.

At this point, we’re expecting the Galaxy Note 4 launch date to take place on September 3rd, September 4th, or September 5th and those are the dates that consumers will want to circle on their calendar in pencil. Remember, dates are always subject to change.

3. We expect Samsung to confirm the Galaxy Note 4’s launch date well ahead of time. The company typically does this through invitations to its launch events that not so subtly hint at what’s going to be announced. Look for invites to be sent out three to four weeks ahead of the Galaxy Note 4 launch which would mean August if the September date holds up.

4. The early announcement will more than likely confirm a live stream. Samsung always hosts a live stream for its major product announcements. We expect one for the Galaxy Note 4 and we expect it to be confirmed ahead of the actual launch date so that those interested have the heads up.

Last year's Galaxy Note 3 invite was very explicit about what would be announced at the show.

Last year’s Galaxy Note 3 invite was very explicit about what would be announced at the show.

5. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch will almost certainly be marketed as the company’s Unpacked Episode 2 launch. The Galaxy S5’s Unpacked event was given the name “Episode 1” and it would be extremely odd for Samsung to shift away from its Unpacked name or leave the episode count at one. Expect there to be a massive launch event for this device this fall.

6. Samsung’s launch events typically play out the same way and we’re not expecting a dramatic overhaul with the Galaxy Note 4. It will likely take place in a huge room with a huge stage. We expect there to be an orchestra. We expect JK Shin to take the stage to announce the Galaxy Note 4 and whatever else is on tap, and we expect various Samsung executives to join him in the festivities.

It’s a predictable formula but it works much better than the formula it used for the Galaxy S4 launch in New York City. People want a clear and concise explanation about the product. Broadway actors and theatrics, something that Samsung employed during the Galaxy S4 launch, only help to confuse consumers.


7. We’d be shocked if the Galaxy Note 4 was the only piece of hardware announced on stage. In January, Samsung executive Dennis Miloseski told Recode that the company would be debuting new wearables alongside the Galaxy S5 in the spring and the Galaxy Note in the fall. The Gear 2 and Gear Fit launched with the Galaxy S and rumors put a Gear 3 and or a Google Glass competitor on stage with the Galaxy Note 4.

Those are far from confirmed but we have to take Samsung’s word for it. Wearables are going to be huge this year, especially if Apple launches the rumored iWatch, and it would be strange to see Samsung sit by idly while competitors push their wares during the holiday shopping season. Expect something new on stage alongside the Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

So that’s what to expect from the Galaxy Note 4 launch date in the fall. It’s now time to take a look at what we expect from the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 4 release date.

8. We’ve heard a lot about the supposed Galaxy Note 4 launch but we haven’t heard much about the release date that will come after the announcement. That’s not too surprising given how far away from launch we currently are. Fortunately, Samsung’s releases are fairly predictable and here’s what we expect.

If the Galaxy Note 4 launches in September like we think it will, it should hit shelves no later than October. Like Apple, Samsung has moved to a tighter launch and release with the release typically coming just a few weeks after the announcement. It used to be that consumers would have to wait several months.

We expect a release in late September or early October for most carriers and regions. This gives Samsung time to ramp up production to accommodate demand. It sets it up perfectly for the holidays and Black Friday. And it gives it a fighting chance against the iPhone 6 which is also rumored for September.

The Galaxy Note 3 delivers multitasking that actually lets you use two apps at once, compared to the iPhone 5s, which is about switching and some background processes.

9. Expect the Galaxy Note 4 release date to take place during the working week, that means between Monday and Friday, and expect release dates, at least in the United States, to be extremely close to each other if they don’t share a similar date. Smaller carriers typically don’t offer the Galaxy Note so we may only see one release date in the U.S.

10. We usually see carriers offer pre-orders for flagship Android smartphones. Last year’s Galaxy Note 3 pre-orders were highlighted by a bundle containing the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. We fully expect U.S. carriers and carriers around the world to take pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 4 allowing those that wish to order early the opportunity to do so.

11. Do not expect the device to go on sale at midnight like the iPhone. Carriers probably won’t even open their doors early. Android smartphones are popular but their launches don’t receive the same kind of attention. We rarely see any lines on release day and consumers typically have no problem ordering on day one.

The Galaxy Note 4 will be an attractive smartphone but with a stylus and a massive screen, it won’t command the same kind of attention that devices like the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5 get from consumers.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3 - 5-L

12. We expect Samsung to detail new Galaxy Note 4 colors on stage and then fail to release all of those colors on the first day of availability. The company typically offers two from the outset and then we see the new colors trickle out in the weeks after the initial release.

While it would be great to see Samsung offer three or four Galaxy Note 4 colors right off the bat, we’re simply not expecting that to happen based on its track record.

13. Samsung, like Apple, has a close partnership with a number of retailers including Best Buy. We expect retailers to be ready for the arrival of the Galaxy Note 4 and have the device ready and available on day one. Unlike Apple, Samsung doesn’t have full fledged Samsung Stores in the United States so it’s heavily reliant on carriers and retailers to sell its wares.

14. Consumers should expect there to be a number of day one deals on the Galaxy Note 4. We’re not talking a $100 off but we’re talking $20, $30 discounts that are typical of flagship smartphone releases.

Retailers like Amazon and Walmart almost always offer some kind of incentive on Android devices and we’d be shocked if there weren’t a few Galaxy Note 4 deals to be had on its release date and in the days after its arrival.


15. Samsung continues to hint at a brand new design for the Galaxy Note 4. And while the company is reportedly still finalizing the look of the Galaxy Note 4, we’re confident about a few different things.

First, we expect the Galaxy Note 4 to look different than the Galaxy Note 3. Will it have a three-sided “bent” display and or a metal frame? We can’t say for sure but what we can say is that Samsung never uses the same design twice. So don’t expect the Galaxy Note 4 to come with the same faux leather back as the Galaxy Note 3.

Maybe we’ll finally see a metal casing. Maybe we’ll see something similar to the plastic matte material on the Galaxy S5. We’re not sure. We are, however, confident that the overall look will differ from the Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3 -  006-X2

16. We haven’t seen the Galaxy Note 4 design yet, Samsung’s keeping it under lock and key, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t predict some of its key features. At this point, we’re almost certain that it will come with a fingerprint sensor.

It would be extremely strange to see Samsung put the technology in one 2014 flagship but fail to put it into another, especially given the fact that it opened up the API to third-party developers. It’s too much of an investment and we believe that the Galaxy Note 4 will come with some type of fingerprint scanning technology similar to what’s on the Galaxy S5.

17. Galaxy Note 4 rumors have pointed to a water and dust resistant design. Like the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Note 4 is meant to be taken on-the-go so we simply can’t see Samsung leaving IP67 certification off of its second 2014 flagship especically when the LG G3, one of the Galaxy Note 4’s rivals, will be sporting the technology.

18. We would not expect the Galaxy Note 4 to be much bigger than the Galaxy Note 3. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung finds ways to decrease the size of the Galaxy Note’s footprint.

One of the knocks on the Galaxy Note is its size. It’s on the heavy side for smartphone and those that aren’t in possession of ogre hands have trouble using it with one hand. Making the Galaxy Note more pocketable would be a huge selling point for Samsung. Think thin and lightweight, just like the iPhone.

If the device gets any bigger, it has the potential to alienate a lot of people and push them to a 5.5-inch device like the LG G3. The LG G3’s design is  manageable, even with one hand.

The Galaxy S5 buttons offer faster access to Google Now and multitasking.

The Galaxy S5 buttons offer faster access to Google Now and multitasking.

19. Rumors point to the arrival of a 32GB Galaxy Note 4. If that pans out and given the source, we think that it will, there is a very good chance that the Galaxy Note 4 will come with a microSD card slot for up to 128GB of extra storage space.

If there wasn’t a microSD card slot, Samsung would need to offer several different sizes, similar to the iPhone. The Galaxy Note is meant for consuming content and content requires free space. 32GB and the cloud isn’t going to be enough for a lot of people. We’d be surprised if the device did not come with a microSD slot.

20. We’d also be surprised if it came without a removable back. Users love being able to easily replace their battery and Samsung likes selling accessories. It’s as simple as that.

The Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 performance is very close.

21. A ton of sensors. The Galaxy S5 features a number of different sensors including a heart rate sensor that’s housed next to the camera sensor on the back of the device. The Galaxy S5 introduced S Health 3.0, a huge fitness push that’s connected to the company’s new wearables and smartphones.

The Galaxy Note 4 won’t be as portable but that doesn’t mean that we don’t expect it to play into Samsung’s new health initiative. Look for it to include most, if not all of the sensors that the Galaxy S5 has on board.


22. Rumor has it, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with the same screen size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. That means 5.7-inches. This falls in line with our design expectations.

If the Galaxy Note gets any bigger, it will push into the territory of the Galaxy Mega. If it gets any smaller, it will be too close to the 5.1-inch Galaxy S5. It’s clear that Samsung is on a mission to offer devices in as many sizes as it possibly can and the 5.7-inch fills a need in Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone lineup. We simply can’t see the screen size changing much. .1-inch or so at most.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 display is brighter than the bigger Galaxy Note 3 display.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 display is brighter than the bigger Galaxy Note 3 display.

23. Samsung reportedly flirted with a QHD display for the Galaxy S5 (QHD means Quad HD  or2560 x 1440 resolution) so we’d be shocked if a device coming out later in the year is left behind Full HD, especially when the LG G3 is rocking a QHD display.

Galaxy Note 4 rumors all point to a QHD display, a display that would help produce sharper crisper content, something that’s extremely important for a device like the Note.

Don’t believe us? Samsung’s Galaxy Note marketing campaign singled out the screen real estate and resolution as one of its biggest advantages over the iPhone.

24. The iPhone 6 is rumored to have a sapphire display. Given Samsung’s close partnership with Gorilla Glass maker Corning, we’re expected the Galaxy Note to pass on sapphire this time around.


25. Plain and simple, expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to feature a better camera than the 13MP shooter found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The days of being able to replace the camera sensor once every two years are gone. Instead, the camera is now one of the biggest battlegrounds for smartphone and there is simply no way that Samsung trots out the same sensor and the same features.

26. Samsung is one of the companies involved in the idiotic megapixel race but we wouldn’t be surprised if the camera sensor inside the Galaxy Note 4 was a 16MP sensor with some upgrades.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3 -  Cameras

SamMobile believes that the exact sensor will be the still unannounced IMX240 sensor from Sony. It’s a 16MP sensor that features Optical Image Stabilization, something available on the LG G3 but unavailable on the Galaxy S5 and other Galaxy product. The feature is key because it limits the shakiness found in videos shot by mobile phones.

We expect OIS or some type of image stabilization technology on the Galaxy Note 4. It’s becoming too mainstream for Samsung to pass up. Even the iPhone 6 is rumored to have image stabilization on board.


27. Samsung has started putting Tizen, its homegrown OS, on devices but we simply cannot see the company ditching Android for such an important release. We expect the device to be running Android. If it’s not Android 4.4.3 KitKat, it will be whatever the latest is from Google. Rumors point to Android 4.5 release this summer but that remains unconfirmed.

28. We expect the Galaxy Note 4 to get many of the software features that arrived on board the Galaxy S5 earlier this year. The new, flatter UI, the new Ultra Power Saving mode for better battery life, S Health 3.0 or above, Kids Mode, all of it. The Galaxy Note 4 should introduce some new features of its own too.

29. Let’s not forget about the S Pen. We expect the S Pen to still be included with the Galaxy Note because it’s the most unique feature found on the Galaxy Note series. It’s how the Galaxy Note separates itself from the Galaxy S and the other big name smartphones on the market.

We expect Samsung to continue adding and improving upon the S Pen experience. That means tweaking apps and adding new features to keep the device fresh.

Exactly what will change, we aren’t sure, but we’d be surprised if the S Pen didn’t play a big role with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The S Pen is where Samsung can stand out amongst the crowded pack.

Galaxy Note 3 vs iPad mini 2-5

30. Expect the Galaxy Note 4 to get solid software support. Samsung is one of the best in the game when it comes to updating flagship devices with new Android software and devices typically get upgrades for around two years. The device’s support should take users all the way through a new contract.


31. If evleaks thinks the Galaxy Note 4 is coming with 32GB of storage, it’s hard to argue with that.

32. Every single year, Samsung swaps out the Galaxy Note processor for something new, something better. Last year’s Galaxy Note 3 utilized the Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip from Qualcomm, a processor that delivered a ton of horsepower. Having a ton of horsepower is important on a device geared for gaming and multitasking.

We expect the same this year. Rumors point to the Snapdragon 805, Qualcomm’s latest chip, and that seems like the logical choice for markets like the United States where Snapdragon reigns over Samsung’s Exynos chips. The Exynos Exynos 5433 is rumored for Galaxy Note 4 models outside of North America, Korea, China, and Japan.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 3 - Water Resistant

33. Expect a ton of RAM. 3GB at least, perhaps 4GB. This will help with gaming, multitasking, and more.

34. We haven’t seen any Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery rumors thrown around just yet but there is no reason to think that it won’t come armed with a massive battery ready to handle the QHD display and everything that users throw at it.

Battery life is one of the Galaxy Note’s best features. The Galaxy Note 3 offers true, all day battery life to its owners and that’s something that you don’t get from every smartphone. The Galaxy Note 3’s battery is 3,200 mAh and we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung goes bigger with the Galaxy Note 4.


35. AT&T and Verizon, the United States’ two most popular carriers will almost certainly get the Galaxy Note 4. AT&T has a close relationship with Samsung and Verizon’s network is going to be too hard to pass up.

36. Sprint and T-Mobile need anything they can get in the fight against their two main rivals and that means getting a device like the Galaxy Note 4. Sprint and T-Mobile both carried the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 3 so there is a very good chance that they’ll both get the Galaxy Note 4 later this year.

37. U.S. Cellular didn’t get the iPhone 5s at the same time as its rivals but it has been a solid Samsung partner over the years and we expect it to get the device as well.

Galaxy Note 3 vs iPad mini 2-2

38. Smaller carriers and regional carriers have stayed away from the Galaxy Note series over the years and there is no reason to believe that they’ll start carrying it this time around, especially with Samsung labeling it as a premium device aimed at the high-end. The Galaxy Note series is popular but perhaps not popular enough for the likes of C Spire and MetroPCS.

39. With U.S. carriers now committed to LTE-Advanced, we expect the Galaxy Note 4 to come with LTE-A support. Next-gen LTE offers exactly what you think it might offer: Faster LTE data speeds. The roll out is expected to be gradual in the United States but look for the Galaxy Note 4 to take advantage in the places where it’s offered.


39. We’d be shocked, shocked, if the Galaxy Note 4 price went any higher than its usual $299.99 price tag. It already prices out many consumers and it’s a price that Samsung has stuck with for many years now.

We simply cannot see the company shifting away from that price now in a year where it may have to battle two iPhone 6’s including one that is of equal size.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ronald Geiken

    06/11/2014 at 5:25 pm

    I bought a Note 2 about a month ago at e-bay and the main reason that I chose that over a Galaxy S3 is that I wanted that bigger screen for watching the Internet over WiFi. It is great for that and I really appreciate the large screen. I have Tablets at home, but don’t normally take them with me since they are 10″. while the Note 2 is 5.5 inches. Videos look great on this device, and the actual telephone service to me on it is immaterial since I have a land line phone for the vast majority of my calls. Not sure if I will ever get around to a Note 3 or Note 4, so this may have to last me quite a while. For me the 5.5 inch screen is a real plus.

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