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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specs Could Include This Feature



The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 isn’t even half a year old and we’re already seeing Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors hint at potential Galaxy Note 5 specs.

As the smoke from Samsung’s Unpacked event starts to settle, we’re starting to hear more about the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, two flagships that will join the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. We’re also starting to see Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors emerge out of Mobile World Congress thanks to a Samsung executive.

A report from The Korea Herald suggests that Samsung is at least considering the Galaxy S6 Edge’s dual-edge display technology for the Galaxy Note series. The report cites Roh Tae-moon, executive vice president of Samsung’s product strategy team who says that “there is a possibility that Samsung will introduce the curved display for the Galaxy Note lineup.”

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The Galaxy S 6 display is smaller and offers a curved edge option.

The Galaxy S 6 display is smaller and offers a curved edge option.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge uses similar technology though its display only bends over one side of the phone. The Galaxy S6 Edge features a display that bends over both edges of the phone. The Galaxy S6 Edge is already being praised for its premium look and features so it’s no surprise that the company is at least thinking about extending the look to the Galaxy Note, its other flagship smartphone series.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a concept, the Galaxy S6 Edge is going to be marketed to the mainstream user. Samsung claims that it will be making a “strong push” with the Galaxy S6 Edge, something that was evident in the company’s early marketing.

Invites to the company’s Unpacked event featured a curve reminiscent of the Galaxy Note Edge’s form factor and U.S. carriers teased the Galaxy S6 Edge model ahead of the company’s announcement. Samsung will reportedly focus hard on the Galaxy S6 Edge release with one third of all Galaxy S6 stock reportedly made up of the curved variant.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors remain scarce though early rumors have pointed to possible Galaxy Note 5 specs. A report from China suggests that Samsung will indeed be using a flexible display on the Galaxy Note 5. Samsung’s also thought to be starting production on a 6-inch Ultra HD display at 700+ pixels per inch which could mean a shift from Quad HD resolution to UHD. UHD delivers 2160 x 3840 resolution.

According to a report from Korean publication Daum, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date could land in August, much earlier than the Galaxy Note 4 release date that landed in October. It’s important to note that the publication also claimed that Samsung would release the Galaxy S6 in March. The Galaxy S6 release is confirmed for April 10th.

While nothing is confirmed, we could still be months away from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release. Samsung typically saves its Galaxy Note series for IFA in the fall ahead of the holidays. The past four Galaxy Note models were all announced in and around the start of IFA. IFA 2015 is scheduled to kick off on September 4th this year.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs are scarce but the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge could be a foreshadow what’s to come. With the arrival of these two new devices, we’ve seen Samsung focus on its design and its software. Specifically, the company has shifted to a premium design language that features metal and glass. The design change does come with a few trade-offs though including a missing microSD card slot and a non-removable battery.

The company’s also stripped down some of the features and steps from its TouchWiz UI to make it more accessible and to perhaps, improve performance on its flagship. Samsung’s also made a number of other improvements that we expect to have a direct impact on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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