Samsung Galaxy Note Heading to Canada in February
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Samsung Galaxy Note Heading to Canada in February



While Samsung went ahead and confirmed the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note for American carrier AT&T at CES 2012, it didn’t announce any availability for any other carriers. Well, today, it has become clear that the Galaxy Note will be headed to our neighbors to the north as Sammy has put up a sign-up page for those living in Canada and says that the device will be launching at some point in February.

As Mobile Syrup points out, TELUS will definitely be one of the carrier to play host to this phone/tablet hybrid and it may be joined by other carriers in the near future.

The manufacturer did not give any specific date for launch but one look at the device’s date in the press image reveals February 24th. So go ahead and circle that as a possible launch date for the Canadian version of the 4G LTE-powered Note.

While we obviously weren’t able to get hands-on with that model, we were able to check out the American variant which we assume will closely resemble its Canadian counter-part.

Here is a quick video from CES 2012 showing off some of the Galaxy Note’s key features:

We came away impressed with the Galaxy Note and we awarded it with our Best Versatile Mobile Device award for CES 2012 so it’s definitely a device that is worth taking a look at if you are constantly lugging around both phone and tablet while on-the-go.

You’ll also want to take a peek at our hands-on with the device’s stylus, the S-Pen, which is one of the Galaxy Note’s definitive features.



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1 Comment

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