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Samsung Galaxy S II Headed to Canada on July 21st



We had thought that the Samsung Galaxy S II would be hitting Virgin Mobile on July 14th, this Thursday, but it looks like it will be arriving on July 21st, the same day that the device will be arriving on Bell.

Samsung Galaxy S II

While Bell and Virgin Mobile have both officially announced that they will both be carrying the device, they (of course) neglected to give consumers any sort of firm release date. And while this July 21st date is still not official, it’s certainly the one to keep in mind if you live in Canada and are planning on getting this device.

The Galaxy S II will likely cost $600 off-contract through both Bell and Virgin Mobile if bought at Best Buy but that price might be different if bought directly through the carriers themselves. No word on the on-contract pricing.

This of course means that the device will likely be out in Canada before it ventures into the United States and at this point, it’s becoming  a distinct possiblity that it might never reach American carriers which would, of course, be a travesty.

Via: Phandroid



  1. Jojo

    07/13/2011 at 5:47 am

    I Want It Now….

    new gadget

  2. Adrian Norenberg

    07/13/2011 at 4:55 pm

    Yeah, not impressed. I was ready to get it tomorrow. And this news pops up 2 days before the supposed release date. I will still visit Virgin tomorrow, but this isn’t very encouraging. 

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