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Samsung Galaxy S II Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out in Q4?



We had heard that Samsung was testing the Samsung Galaxy S II Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update and it seems as if that testing is still ongoing though a release date for the software has now been pegged for Q4.

SamMobile, who has been accurate in the past, is reporting that Samsung is still testing the Galaxy S II Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update and that Samsung still plans to update the phone with the software.

However, it appears that there is now a fallback plan should Samsung decided not to update the phone with Android 4.1.

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If Samsung does not upgrade the Galaxy S II with Jelly Bean, it looks like the company may give users a software value pack of some kind, possibly something similar to what the company did with the Galaxy Note.


The Galaxy S II Android 4.1 update has been pegged for Q4.

No details about that value pack have been revealed as of yet.

The report does say that so far there is “no reason” to believe that the Galaxy S II Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update will never roll out and we, at this point, have to take them at their word.

In July, Samsung was rumored to be testing the update for the Galaxy S II and it was rumored that if that testing went well, Samsung would roll out Android Jelly Bean to the aging smartphone.

So far, it looks like that testing is going well and the report claims that the update could be out starting in Q4 of this year.

Q4 is comprised of October, November and December so those with the Galaxy S II, especially those with the device on American carriers, should stop hoping for a roll out in the relatively near future.

American carriers are notoriously slow to get their devices updated to the latest version of Android and we don’t expect the Galaxy S II, should it even get the update, to be any different.

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