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Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Coming to U.S. This Month?



It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update might hit variants in the United States during the month of September, though no official date is rumored thus far.

Earlier today, we heard that the Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update might hits its first regions, likely in Europe, sometime next week. And in that same breath, we are also hearing that the Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update could hit the United States sometime during this month.

SamMobile reports that the American Galaxy S III will get the Jelly Bean update by the end of this month though there is no elaboration on dates or devices.

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The U.S. Galaxy S III devices could see Jelly Bean this month.

There are currently Galaxy S III devices on five major U.S. carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and U.S. Cellular. Thus far, we have only seen the Jelly Bean update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S III leak out. None of the other variants have seen an announcement, leak, or otherwise.

Samsung did say that the Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update was close and we did hear that the Verizon Galaxy S III would be getting its Jelly Bean update relatively soon, so it’s possible that Jelly Bean will indeed hit the Galaxy S III in the U.S. as soon as September.

We aren’t holding our breath though.

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American carriers are often very late to the party when it comes to major Android updates and unless the Galaxy S III changes that, we expect more of the same from them this time around.

So while September looks good, it’s a hard rumor to believe at this point given the past.

So, owners of the American variants of the Galaxy S III. Don’t get too excited and be sure to circle the month of September in pencil rather than in pen.

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