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Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Leaks, Again



The Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update, which has leaked out numerous times in recent days, has leaked out again ahead of its presumed August 29th launch date.

Another leak has been discovered by XDA-Developers forums and this time it’s build XXDLH7 that has leaked to the surface, replacing the old XXDLH6 that appeared earlier this week.

This is an official version of the Jelly Bean update for the international version of the Galaxy S III otherwise known as the I9300, and that means that those in the U.S. will not be able to take advantage of it.

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The Galaxy S III update has leaked again.

The only leak for the U.S. we’ve seen thus far is Android 4.1.1 for the T-Mobile Galaxy S III which leaked to the surface earlier today.

And while this is an official leak, it doesn’t mean that all owners should download it. Those who are skilled in the art of flashing ROMs should have no problem getting this update flashed to a rooted Galaxy S III. However, those who are new to the process should probably just hold off for the official, final version of the update.

Fortunately, it doesn’t look like those who pass on this leaked version will have to wait long.

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August 29th is the date that Samsung is rumored to be releasing the final version of the Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update and thus far, with all of the leaks and reports pegging August 29th as the day, it looks like it very well could be the release date.

Thus far though, Samsung has yet to confirm anything other than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for that day. So it’s still possible that August 29th could come and go without a release. Those who remain skeptical might want to think about installing the leaked update.

Either way, all signs point to a release in the near future so we should see something official soon.

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