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Samsung Galaxy S III Release Date Pegged for April



Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S III launch rumor. A couple of days ago, we saw a March 13th release date thrown into a hat that already contains the Summer Olympics and now there is another release window to speculate about. Eldur Murtazin, the guy who leaked the initial Galaxy S III information, is now saying that Samsung plans to launch the device in April.

This comes shortly after Samsung itself confirmed that it would not be launching the device at the Mobile World Congress next month and that it would be announcing it at a separate event during the first half of 2012.

Murtazin is completely hit or miss so you’re going to want to treat this as a rumor and nothing more.

And no, he doesn’t get into a specific date for the Galaxy S III’s launch.

Galaxy S III

So what we have now is a bonafide circus. Murtazin first said that the Galaxy S III would be launching at MWC. Shortly thereafter, it became clear that Samsung had decided not to launch it at the conference for as of yet, unknown reasons.

Many believe it’s designed to space out the launches of the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III a little bit more as well as making sure that the United States sees the phone shortly after a Korean launch.

If you recall, the U.S. was very late in getting the Galaxy S II due to carrier negotiations.

We also have March 13th, which is supposedly the day the Galaxy S III will launch in Turkey (right…), and Samsung has also revealed that it plans to tie its Summer Olympics sponsorship in with a major product launch.

So a date during the summer is possible as well.

The Galaxy S III is rumored to feature an HD display, quad-core processor and Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. In other words, it’s the phone many of you have been waiting for.

We fully expect the circus to continue so stay tuned.

Via: BGR

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