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Samsung Galaxy S III vs HTC One X



Today Samsung announced its new flagship, the Galaxy S III. It’s an impressive Android smartphone, but it comes into the market with some tough competition. When the phone launches in the U.S. in June, it will be up against the latest from HTC, the One X which goes on sale on AT&T in just a few days.

Both phones are the newest phones from their respective companies, and both represent the high-end of the smartphone market. But just how do the two phones compare to one another?

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Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

Both the Galaxy S III and HTC One X feature large 720p displays, though the Galaxy S III screen is slightly larger. The Galaxy S III has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display while the One X has a 4.7-inch Super LCD 2 screen. Samsung’s display is likely easier to see in sunlight, though the One X screen is still readable in daylight. The major downside to the Galaxy S III screen is that it’s PenTile like the Galaxy Nexus, which means it will have trouble showing white without some noise.

Both phones have 8MP rear-facing cameras that can shoot 1080p video. The camera in the Galaxy S III is flush to the back, while the HTC One X’s camera protrudes slightly. The Galaxy S III has a slight edge in the front-facing camera because it is capable of shooting HD video.

Inside, the Galaxy S III has a quad-core Exynos CPU, which should post some impressive benchmarks. The One X uses a quad-core Tegra 3 internationally, but a dual-core Snapdragon S4 in the U.S. The Snapdragon S4 beats the Tegra 3 in some areas, which could mean the U.S. One X will be close to the Galaxy S III.

There is a chance the U.S. version of the Galaxy S III will also use a dual-core CPU, at least on networks that support LTE.

The Galaxy S III also uses a larger battery than the One X: 2100 mAh compared to 1800 mAh. That should mean longer battery life, as long as Samsung’s special software doesn’t drain too much of it.

The Samsung Galaxy S III will ship with three variants with 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of internal storage along with a microSD card slot. In the U.S. the HTC One X  only offers 16GB of internal storage with no microSD card slot, so it’s stuck at 16GB.




Both phones run Android 4.o Ice Cream Sandwich, each with their own custom skins. The Galaxy S III uses Samsung’s TouchWiz which looks very similar to the TouchWiz that was on the Galaxy S II. HTC toned down Sense 4.0 on the One X compared to previous Sense iterations.

One of the big software features Samsung is touting in the Galaxy S III is S-Voice, which looks and acts very much like Siri on the iPhone 4S. With S-Voice users can find out information such as the weather and ask the phone to perform certain tasks. From what we see it looks like it has the same basic features of Siri.

Samsung also uses eye-tracking in the Galaxy S III so the phone can tell when you are still looking at it. It’s helpful when reading eBooks on the phone, or anything else that doesn’t require constant interaction. While users are still looking at the phone it will stay on, then turn off when they look away or close their eyes (making useful for reading in bed).

Both Samsung and HTC added special software for the camera. The One X puts the photo and record buttons on the same screen, and enables a burst mode. The camera app will even let the user take photos while shooting video.

The Galaxy S III also offers burst mode, but will choose the best photo available for the user. The One X makes the user choose. After the user takes a photo, the Galaxy S III will identify faces and link them to contacts on the phone. It will also offer the user the opportunity to send the photo to the people in it with a single tap.

Pricing and Availability

Samsung Galaxy S III TouchWiz

Samsung Galaxy S III TouchWiz

The Samsung Galaxy S III will release in Europe on May 29 for varying prices.

It comes in Marble White and Pebble Blue with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB variants. We don’t have a firm release date for the U.S., only that it will be coming in June.

The HTC One X will be available on AT&T on May 6 for $199.99 in black and white.


Choosing one phone between these two is difficult, and it will come down to personal preference or patience for most users.

We prefer the One X to the Galaxy S III because we know when we get it, it uses a non-PenTile display, and we prefer the slimmer Sense 4.

Users that are willing to wait for the Galaxy S III will likely be happy with the phone, but based on what we know about the device, it doesn’t beat out the One X. Those who love everything about the Galaxy S II but wish it had Siri will love the Galaxy S III.



  1. Hamxa Wasim

    05/04/2012 at 2:23 am

    I got it Check The First Hands On Review Here:

  2. molan james

    08/01/2012 at 3:56 am

    I would prefer the smausng S3 because its features like the S-Voice and S-Beam, with the bigger screen and a better feel towards it software as well as having a MORE user friendly interface. The S3 also has expandable memory and better audio visual abilities. I would think the Samsung S3 as a HTC one x but with more features and a better design therefore there is no reason why I wouldn’t go for the Samsung another briefed comparison of the One X and Galaxy S III

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