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Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE Heading to T-Mobile?



As it stands, the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 is the only version on a major U.S. carrier that doesn’t run on a 4G LTE network. However, it looks like that may change in the days ahead as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is rumored to possibly be heading to the carrier’s 4G LTE network.

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According to a Bluetooth filing first discovered by AndroidGreed, a device called the Samsung SGH-T999L has passed through inspection on its way to an as of yet unknown destination.

And while the Bluetooth filing doesn’t officially confirm it, it could be that that unknown destination is T-Mobile as T-Mobile’s current Galaxy S3 is called the SGH-T999 and the carrier plans to unfurl its 4G LTE network at some point in the coming year. The filing does confirm that this device is indeed coming to North America and that it’s a GSM phone. T-Mobile is a GSM carrier and T-Mobile USA operates in North America. The L could possibly stand for LTE but that’s not clear right now.


The Galaxy S3 LTE could be heading to T-Mobile.

So, it could be that T-Mobile might be launching a 4G LTE version of the Galaxy S3 at some point next year, something that would peeve current owners of the Galaxy S3 who are without 4G LTE, and excite those who want the phone on T-Mobile’s upcoming network. T-Mobile’s current Galaxy S3 runs on HSPA+ 42 which while fast, is often slower than 4G LTE.

Keep in mind, nothing is set in stone and it could be that this is something else entirely. But given how well the Samsung Galaxy S3 has sold around the world, over 30 million units thus far, it could be that T-Mobile aims to offer another version of the device. Something else to keep in mind is that T-Mobile has no problem ditching a current model for a newer one as it got rid of the original Galaxy Note after only a few days in favor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

With CES around the corner, it could be that we see something announced then or perhaps later in the year. Either way, the Samsung SGH-T999L is coming to North America, it’s just a matter of where and when.

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1 Comment

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