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Samsung Galaxy S4 Appears in Another New Color



It appears that Samsung itself may have outed a new Samsung Galaxy S4 color in its recent mini-movie with the video showcasing an unannounced and certainly unreleased brown version of the Galaxy S4.

Earlier today, Samsung released a new short movie, revolving around the Samsung Galaxy S4, dubbed Hi Hey Hello. The movie showcases many of the features that come with the new Galaxy S4 and does so in a musical format. It’s a nifty take on advertising and it’s a refreshing, less dull way of showing off the device’s powerful specifications.

While the bit talks about the features of a device that we’ve already seen hit shelves, there is one aspect of the video that seems to show off something that we hadn’t seen just yet. First noticed by SamMobile, the musical seems to reveal an unreleased, new colored Samsung Galaxy S4 that may be hitting shelves in the future.

At the 1:08 mark of the video, one of the many actors in the short film is holding a Samsung Galaxy S4, only, it’s a brown colored Samsung Galaxy S4, a color that hasn’t been announced or released just yet. There doesn’t appear to be a case on the Galaxy S4 which could mean that this is a color that Samsung ha cooked up for the future.

The emergence of this brown colored Galaxy S4 comes shortly after it became apparent that a Japanese carrier would be getting an Arctic Blue colored Galaxy S4, a color that still hasn’t emerged anywhere else in the world. The arrival of these new colors though does point to other options likely becoming available down the road.

Behold, the brown Samsung Galaxy S4.

Behold, the brown Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung typically waits a few months and then releases numerous colors to compliment its launch colors which in the case of the Galaxy S4, were white and black.

The Galaxy S3 saw numerous colors arrive over the duration of its lifetime and we expect the same from the Samsung Galaxy S4. And now that we’ve seen two new colors emerge, it should only be a matter of time before Samsung unleashes new colors upon the rest of the world.

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