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Samsung Galaxy S4 Branding Revealed



Previous press images of the Samsung Galaxy S4 showed a blank back, void of any branding. The Samsung Galaxy S4 that was shown off at its New York City launch event also did not sport any branding besides Samsung’s name. However now, thanks to a leak, we now know what at least some of the other Galaxy S4 branding will look like.

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Earlier this month, Samsung debuted its Samsung Galaxy S4, the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and a device that is highly anticipated amongst smartphone enthusiasts and average consumers alike. At the event, Samsung showed off the device and announced its features including its 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor, 13MP camera, smart software features and more. However, the design of the phone was a little vacant as far as branding is concerned.

This is how the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be branded.

This is how the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be branded.

Press images that we’ve seen in the past, images that are on Samsung’s website and the device that we saw at the show all did not sport specific Galaxy S branding on their back plate, something that Samsung typically instills on all of its Galaxy smartphones in order to differentiate them from other devices.

The reliable @evleaks has leaked a new press image today that offers a glimpse at how the Galaxy S4 branding will likely look when it arrives on shelves in late April.

The Galaxy S4 did not offer specific branding in the past.

The Galaxy S4 did not offer specific branding in the past.

This photo clearly shows that Samsung will be getting rid of the “Galaxy Roman Numeral” branding that we’ve seen in the past. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was widely referred to as S3 rather than its actual name, Samsung Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S4 now gets rid of the Roman numerals completely and will be called Samsung Galaxy S 4 instead.

What we don’t see however is carrier branding. Typically, carriers make their mark on their smartphones and we expect the same from the Galaxy S4 when it hits shelves.

Verizon loves to heavily brand its smartphones.

Verizon loves to heavily brand its smartphones.

Whether that means that the Verizon Galaxy S4 receives a branded home button like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 remains to be seen.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be arriving in late April in some markets, the United Kingdom is one that has been confirmed, while other markets like Italy and India are rumored to be getting the new smartphone in May.

As for the U.S., nothing has been confirmed so far but May and June are both rumored to be possible release months for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship.

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