Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Rumors Take New Twist
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Rumors Take New Twist



The Samsung Galaxy S4 display rumors have taken a new twist today with a report claiming that Samsung is aiming to debut new pixel layouts with its display, which would help bump the amount of pixels in the Galaxy S4 display, which could translate into the Galaxy S4 potentially having the best display of any smartphone on the market.

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At CES 2013, we saw Samsung unveil a new 4.99-inch FHD display with 1080p resolution, a display that could end up on the oft-rumored Samsung Galaxy S4, a device that is currently rumored to be making its debut in March. A new report however has injected new life into the Galaxy S4 display rumors as it appears that Samsung may be featuring some new screen technology with the device.


The Galaxy S4 could boast the best smartphone display to date.

We’ve already seen HTC and Sony introduce devices with 440 pixels-per-inch in the Droid DNA and the Sony Xperia Z, but it appears that Samsung may be looking to up the ante in terms of PPI. According to a Digitimes report, Samsung is working on new pixel layouts for its smaller devices, specifically, hexagon- and diamond-shaped pixel layouts that could bump the Galaxy S4’s pixels-per-inch beyond the 440ppi mark.

If true, we could wind up seeing maybe the best display ever featured on a smartphone. Of course, Samsung will likely not be without challengers, even if it does use this type of technology with its display. HTC is rumored to be putting a 4.7-inch display with 1080p resolution and 468ppi on its flagship, the HTC M7. HTC is rumored to be announcing the device at Mobile World Congress 2013 in February. The technology behind the display though is unclear.

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Originally, the Galaxy S4 display was thought to have 440 pixels-per-inch but it looks like Samsung may have something up its sleeve. Pixels-per-inch count is something that Android manufacturers are honing in on for 2013 as display resolutions and sizes rise. It’s something that consumers are now becoming interested in as a high pixel-per-inch count translates into high quality images, video and text.

As for the rest of the Galaxy S4, it’s rumored to include a quad-core processor – potentially a Exynos 5 Octa, a 13MP camera, Android Jelly Bean, and a release date at some point in April.



  1. 34

    01/23/2013 at 12:10 pm

    PPI in smartphones doesn’t mean much anymore in 2013 , for the human eye, 440ppi and 468ppi isn’t much of a difference, if any.
    What needs to be worked on a lot in smartphone displays is accurate representation.

  2. BlueSreenOfDeath

    01/23/2013 at 12:23 pm

    None of this will make a difference if Samsung is still making blue-tinged screens. On my crappy ol’ iPhone 4 white is white, not blue. I’m interested in switching to Samsung, but the crappy color of the screens has always been a turn off :/

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