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Samsung Galaxy S4 & HTC One Spike Galaxy S3 and iPhone Trade-Ins



The Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are spiking trade-ins at Gazelle, where iPhone and Galaxy S device trade-ins jumped as the Samsung Galaxy S4 release arrived and the HTC One launch picked up steam.

More than a month after the Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement, the AT&T version arrived for sale last weekend, with many other carriers joining the bandwagon this week and the announcement of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 release date combined to offer firm dates to make trade-in decisions.

Users looking to trade up from the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S2, and iPhone owners looking to switch to the Galaxy S4 or HTC One, hit up in droves to lock in a trade in value.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are likely behind a spike in Galaxy and iPhone trade-ins.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are likely behind a spike in Galaxy and iPhone trade-ins.

Gazelle reports that Samsung Galaxy trade-ins are up 63% compared to the Monday before and 90% over the same Monday in late March. The company also confirmed iPhone trade-ins jumped 36% this week, and are up 26% over the same Monday in March.

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While Gazelle can’t tell us what smartphones users are trading in for, the timing points to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. Now that users can pick up the Galaxy S4 in most stores, or lock in a price for a trade in when the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 arrives thanks to the Gazelle 30 day trade-in price lock.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One announcements came months before, like most Android product launches, there were no concrete release dates. Delays pushed the HTC One release into April and the Samsung Galaxy S4 release dates finally arrived for all carriers by the 29th.

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With this information, as well as many HTC One reviews and Samsung Galaxy S4 reviews, it’s clear that users are ready to upgrade to one of these new flagship devices.

It’s not surprising to see users trade up for a new smartphone, as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone hold their value better than many other Android devices. Gazelle isn’t the only company to trade phones in at, and even carriers are getting into the mix, so it’s possible the spikes of trade-ins are much higher.

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