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Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch, Multiple Sources Say March 14th



Earlier today, moble-review’s Eldur Murtazin chimed in with his own Samsung Galaxy S4 launch date rumor claiming that a big announcement would be taking place on March 14th. That device was said to be the Samsung Galaxy S4 and now, another report claims that the date will indeed be the Galaxy S4 launch date.

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Until today, two potential Galaxy S4 launch dates had emerged in the form of March 15th and March 22nd. Those dates had accompanied rumors that suggested that the highly anticipated phone would be arriving on shelves in April in Europe and in either May or June in the United States.


The Galaxy S4 will more than likely launch March 14th.

Well, it looks like those release date rumors could hold up, only the Galaxy S4 launch likely won’t come on either March 15th or March 22nd as two reports today suggest that March 14th will in fact be the Galaxy S4 launch date.

The first date came from insider Eldur Murtazin who is hit or miss with his information. However, The Verge backs up Murtazin’s information saying that the Galaxy S4 will “definitely” be launching on March 14th according to sources. No city is specified but it looks like the U.S. might be the locale that Samsung has selected for its event this year.

Last year’s launch event for the Galaxy S3 took place in London, England. This year’s event could very well wind up taking place in New York City, a hotspot for events of these sorts.

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The Galaxy S4 will likely compete against the iPhone 5S.

Furthermore, the design of the Galaxy S4 is once again said to be a guarded secret, only known by a select few. The Galaxy S3 design wasn’t known until shortly before the device arrived in May of last year. The device is also said to have more “cool” features than the Samsung Galaxy S3 did over the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Those features are said to be features not just raw specs and already we’ve heard about a few. The Galaxy S4 is supposedly going to feature touch less gestures for its display meaning users can manipulate things on the screen without physically touching it.

Phones have used this technology before, specifically the Pantech Vega LTE and the Xperia Sola, but no big name smartphones have used it.

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Trademarks also suggest that two other features may be called “Eye Scroll” and “Eye Pause.” It’s unclear if they will arrive in the Galaxy S4 but if they do, it could be that they arrive along with Nature UX 2.0.

The design is rumored to be like the Galaxy S3’s but it’s now thought to heavily resemble the Galaxy Note 8.0, arriving at MWC 2013 in just a few days. The Galaxy Note 8.0’s actual design is evidently not like the device that has leaked out previously.

Other rumors features of the Galaxy S4 include a quad-core processor, 4.99-5-inch FHD display, 13MP camera, Android Jelly Bean, and arrivals on AT&T and Verizon at the very least.

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1 Comment

  1. JKLx77

    02/19/2013 at 10:15 am

    I’ve been hearing so much about this March the 14th release date that I will be very disappointed if it turns out to be false lol

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