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Galaxy S4 Mini Rumored to Be Joining Galaxy S4



While all of the attention is on the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, it appears that Samsung might be gearing up for another, smaller Galaxy S4 release in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, a device that has been rumored before and now reportedly could be heading to shelves as soon as the month of May.

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Samsung is currently rumored to be working on a trio of devices under the name Project J. The first, a device called Altius, is supposedly the main event, the Samsung Galaxy S4 itself. The second, dubbed Fortius is thought to be some kind of fitness or wearable technology, possibly a Galaxy Watch along the same lines as the rumored iWatch from Apple. The third is codenamed Serrano and it is thought, based on its accessories, to be a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.


The Galaxy S4 Mini could join the Galaxy S4 on shelves this year.

Last year, Samsung launched a Galaxy S3 Mini after the launch of the Galaxy S3 so it would come as no surprise if the company were to do the same thing with the Galaxy S4.

New details about this Galaxy S4 Mini have seemingly emerged today with SamMobile claiming that the device could launch as soon as May. The information, while a bit flimsy, states that Samsung is working to get the accessories for the device, Galaxy S4 Mini or not, done by week 21 of this year. Week 21 falls in the month of May and that is what has lead them to believe that it could arrive during that month.

The Galaxy S4 itself is rumored to be arriving at a launch event in March, with release dates claimed for April and May or June in the United States. Given the rumored timing of the Galaxy S4 Mini arrival, it could be that Samsung announces it alongside the larger device in the weeks ahead.

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The Galaxy S4 is rumored to be replacing the Galaxy S3, seen here.

However, the Galaxy S3 Mini didn’t arrive until later in 2012 so it’s possible that this information is off and the Galaxy S4 is the only big device launch planned for the coming months. Something else to keep in mind is that Apple is rumored to be launching a cheaper iPhone sometime this year and it could be that Samsung’s cheaper mini Galaxy S4 arrives early to combat that.

There is currently no information about the Galaxy S4 Mini itself though it would likely feature lesser specifications than the Galaxy S4 flagship in an effort to keep costs down much like the Galaxy S3 Mini.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. JKLx77

    02/14/2013 at 12:29 pm

    Nice info, I am digging the story and it only makes sense that they release the Mini device! But do we know when they will release it? A month after the S4? Two months? If you guys need more leaks I suggest you check out the updates there should give you some good ideas for some new reports! Cheers!

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