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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Rumors Take a Twist



With just a few weeks before its rumored release, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini seemed like a done deal. It was going to be coming to shelves with some lesser specifications including a qHD display and it would be heading to AT&T at some point in the future. Well, those rumors have taken a bit of a twist today thanks to a new discovery.

Over the past few weeks, rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini have sprouted up on a regular basis. And with the device heavily rumored to be coming in the next few weeks, we’ve started to see the device itself emerge from the shadows, offering interested parties a look at the still unofficial counterpart to the larger, higher-end Samsung Galaxy S4.

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This could be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

This could be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

The device has been said to be coming with a 4.3-inch qHD display, that means less than HD resolution, a dual-core Exynos processor, 8MP camera, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and some of the software featured on the Samsung Galaxy S4. The device was also though to be the Samsung Serrano, the SGH-I257, which had been mentioned to be a member of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Project J. That device had been rumored to be coming to AT&T.

However, new information in the form of a user string agent, seems to point to the Serrano being a different device than the one that is thought to be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

The Galaxy S4 Mini may not be the Serrano after all.

The Galaxy S4 Mini may not be the Serrano after all.

The new user string agent, discovered by TechTastic, points to the Serrano as having a 720p display and not a qHD display. This seems to rule out the Serrano as the Galaxy S4 Mini and rule out, at least for now, a Galaxy S4 Mini launch on AT&T.

This new twist makes things extremely confusing and leaves some lingering questions:

  • What is the Samsung Serrano? It was rumored to be a part of Project J, so if it’s not the Galaxy S4 Mini, what is it?
  • Will the Galaxy S4 Mini hit AT&T?
  • Will the Galaxy S4 Mini actually have a 720p display?
  • Were either of this user agent strings spoofed?

So while we though all of the questions about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini were answered, this latest development has left us with quite a few more that may not be answered for quite awhile.

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1 Comment

  1. Android Fanatic

    05/17/2013 at 3:10 pm

    The newest Galaxy Tab has leaked with specs and photo. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

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