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Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus & HTC One Nexus Sales Start



The big day has arrived as sales for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus (Galaxy S4 Google Edition) and HTC One Nexus (HTC One Google Edition) have started on the Google Play Store, offering consumers a chance to pair the hardware from the two best 2013 Android smartphones with vanilla Android software.

Earlier this year, Google promised to unleash two new Nexus devices onto the Google Play Store. The first, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus, which was announced at Google I/O 2013 for $650. The device utilizes all of the hardware features of the Galaxy S4 including its 5-inch 1080p display, 16GB of storage and 13MP camera but also comes equipped with the features of a Google Nexus smartphone.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus is now on sale.

The HTC One Nexus is now on sale.

The second of course was the HTC One Nexus which was announced later in the year and was given the same June 26th release date as the Galaxy S4 Nexus. The HTC One Nexus or Google Edition is a bit cheaper than the Galaxy S4 Nexus, checking in with a price tag of $599. Like the Galaxy S4 Nexus, it uses features from its non-Nexus brother.

Included are a 4.7-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor, Ultrapixel camera, full metal design, and a full on vanilla version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the latest from Google. It has 32GB of storage unlike the Galaxy S4 Nexus.

It has been joined by the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus.

It has been joined by the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus.

Both devices also benefit from swift Google updates and unlocked bootloaders which will allow owners to easily install custom ROMs. Of course, the price tags are much more expensive than their carrier-branded brethren though both of these devices will utilize 4G LTE speeds on either AT&T or T-Mobile thanks to their unlocked nature.

Google offers free shipping on both and says that they will ship out by July 9th. Google typically ships far earlier than its expected shipping dates so those purchasing today should see them arrive much sooner.

Thus far, the Google Play Store hasn’t experienced any of the major issues that impacted its Nexus 4 launch but since they have only been available for a few minutes, there could be issues later on.

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