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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Could Arrive Sooner Than Expected



The earliest Samsung Galaxy S4 release date that we’ve seen thus far is April 25th in the United Kingdom. However, it appears, thanks to a new rumor, we could see at least one region get the Samsung Galaxy S4 earlier than that.

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Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date situation is a bit of a mess. While Samsung has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive towards the end of April, it has not confirmed any specific dates. That has left retailers and carriers to do that themselves and so far, the announcements have been sporadic.

The Galaxy S4 is said to be hitting Canadian carrier Rogers on April 19th.

The Galaxy S4 is said to be hitting Canadian carrier Rogers on April 19th.

Carriers and retailers in the United Kingdom have announced April 25th and April 26th as release dates for the Galaxy S4 while T-Mobile USA has confirmed May 1st as its release date. Other American carriers remain mum about a release date and while their Canadian counterparts also remain silent, a new rumor from Techno Buffalo suggests that the Galaxy S4 will be coming to Rogers in Canada, at the very least, on April 19th.

If that’s indeed true, it would be a bit earlier than many likely expected after hearing Samsung suggest a late April release date at its Galaxy S4 launch event and seeing the United Kingdom, which typically is first to devices, get tagged with dates of April 25th and April 26th.

Interestingly, just a few days after this rumored date, AT&T starts taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 which kick off on April 16th. U.S. and Canadian carriers often have similar release dates for devices so it could be that they too get the device well ahead of schedule.

However, given T-Mobile’s May 1st date, at this point, it’s best to take this rumor and speculation about a U.S. release date with a grain of salt. After all, Rogers still hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

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That said, it could be that Rogers does indeed start selling the Galaxy S4 on April 19th for its $169 asking price. That pricing of course will come at the cost of a new three-year contract with the carrier.

It appears that Rogers will also be releasing the delayed HTC One on April 19th as well which bodes well for the rumors we’re heard that suggest a late April release in the United States as well.

The HTC One will be going head to head with the Samsung Galaxy S4 in next few weeks as the companies try to position their devices as not only the top Android smartphone but the top competitor to both the iPhone 5 and the upcoming iPhone 5S which is rumored for a summer release.



  1. El Hawkins

    03/29/2013 at 12:32 pm

    Please, there are always rumors of iPhone early release and it always turns out to be a year or more. Regardless it bodes ill for the HTC if they are going to be releasing so close to the GS4 at a competitively similar price. I know I’ve already passed on the HTC for the GS4 on my WishPlz list ( ) and probably will on upgrade day.

  2. Karl

    04/15/2013 at 11:57 am

    In the Bell website they say that the phones will ship on april 27 and should allow a 3 – 5 days delivery. I think this week all carriers will fix a release date

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