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Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Said to Start in Two Weeks



It appears that the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 might start shipping out in two weeks from today with a new rumor suggesting that the device could start hitting some shelves as soon as the week of April 15th.

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Last month at the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event, Samsung announced that the Galaxy S4 would be coming to shelves starting in late April. The company did not give any type of specific date, only saying that the device would be hitting a plethora of carriers and that the earliest ones would get it in late April. Thus far, we’ve seen the United Kingdom confirm the device for April 25th and we’ve seen T-Mobile USA confirm the Galaxy S4 for a May 1st release date. However, those have not been the earliest release dates that we’ve heard thus far.

The Galaxy S4 could start shipping in two weeks time.

The Galaxy S4 could start shipping in two weeks time.

Instead, a rumor in regards to the  Galaxy S4 release date in Canada, specifically on Rogers, suggested that the release date could come as early as April 19th. And now, a new rumor suggests that this could indeed be the case.

A new rumor out of SamMobile suggests that Samsung is planning to push the Galaxy S4 out to some regions in the 16th week of the year. That translates to the week of April 15th which extends through to April 21st. That means that the April 19th release date that has been rumored for Rogers remains a solid candidate for reality.

It appears that Samsung is targeting Eastern European countries for a release that week with Russia and Ukraine being mentioned specifically. It appears that those countries will see the 16GB Galaxy S4 3G released that week with 64GB models coming later. The LTE version of the device evidently won’t come for a few weeks after that either, likely sometime in May.

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Currently, only T-Mobile has announced a Galaxy S4 release in the U.S.

Currently, only T-Mobile has announced a Galaxy S4 release in the U.S.

Obviously, Samsung has not confirmed anything just yet which means this is all up in the air. However, given the rumors, it could be that we see the Galaxy S4 start shipping earlier than expected.

As for the United States, thus far, only T-Mobile has announced a release date for the device. AT&T and U.S. Cellular will begin taking pre-orders for the phone starting on April 16th though neither of those carriers have announced a release date.

Sprint and Verizon both remain mum about any specifics and have yet to issue any information in regards to pricing or a release date for the Samsung Galaxy S4.



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  2. kiran

    04/05/2013 at 7:26 am

    Stores in India also confirmed s4 release between April 15th to 21st. But only limited quantity, so need to book on 9th April itself.

  3. preetamsingh

    04/06/2013 at 7:18 pm

    i am wating for s4.. plz conform for relese date

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