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Samsung Galaxy S4 S Health, Wireless Charging Coming This Summer



Unfortunately, when you buy your Galaxy S4 smartphone over the next few weeks–depending on which carrier you’re with–you won’t be able to pick up any of the novel accessories that Samsung had introduced at the device’s March unveiling, including a number of S Health accessories and the wireless charging adapters for the flagship phone. Samsung is focusing its attention and resources right now on quickly launching the Galaxy S4 globally, and it seems that those accessories will be coming at an unspecified date this summer.

92018aab-6bb3-4e9a-a223-e0bc271cc413There are three S Health accessories that are forthcoming–a fitness band, a heart rate monitor, and a wireless scale that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Those accessories will work with the pre-loaded S Health app on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and will help users track how many steps they’ve taken as well as monitor progress to their workout. Additionally, the Galaxy S4 comes with its full mini weather station that includes a temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and barometer, so users should be able to not only track their fitness goals, but plan their workouts so that they’re not exerting themselves in poor weather conditions with high temperatures and high humidity. So far, Samsung has not released any pricing info, but the company says that the S Health accessories will arrive this summer. In the meantime, you can still use the pedometer functionality that’s built into your Galaxy S4 to get a jump start on that summer beach body.

galaxy_s4_s_band_healthAnother nice accoutrement to the Galaxy S4 is the wireless charging accessory. To gain wireless functionality, you’ll need two parts, a compatible wireless charging back battery cover that will replace the rear battery cover that ships with your phone, and a wireless charging plate for you to set your phone on top of to wirelessly charge your device to full power. This too will come this summer at an undisclosed cost.

The downside about the wireless charging backplate is that you’ll have to pick your poison between wireless charging, the protection of the Flip Cover that’s been a popular accessory on the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note 2, or the protection and functionality of the new S View Flip Cover that adds a window for quick notification viewing.

Other accessories that will be available for the Galaxy S4 upon retail include a rubber case, the Flip Cover, S View Flip Cover, and a dock accessory. The dock accessory is backward-compatible with the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, and the Galaxy Note 8.




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