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Samsung Galaxy S4 Color & Storage Options Could Mirror iPhone 5



The Samsung Galaxy S4 looks set for launch on March 14th in New York City but that hasn’t stopped leaks from surfacing. The latest rumor, in regards to the Galaxy S4 storage and color options, claims that Samsung might be looking to offer six different Galaxy S4 variants which seem to mirror Apple’s iPhone 5.

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On March 14th, at an event in New York City, Samsung is poised to introduce its latest and greatest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, a device that will replace the wildly popular Samsung Galaxy S3. Numerous rumors have sprouted up in regards to the Galaxy S4 and today, we have another look at some potential features.

The Galaxy S4 launch could mirror the iPhone 5's.

The Galaxy S4 launch could mirror the iPhone 5’s.

Previous rumors have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S4 might come in three familiar storage options and today, a new report seems to back that claim up. According to SamMobile, the Galaxy S4 will come in six different variants including two color options and three storage options.

Here is how the Galaxy S4 is rumored to break down:

    • GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV 16 GB (White)
    • GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV 32 GB (White)
    • GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV 64 GB (White)
    • GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV 16 GB (Black)
    • GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV 32 GB (Black)
    • GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV 64 GB (Black)

If this is true and it’s possible that it is, it would mean that Samsung might be ditching the pebble blue color from the Galaxy S3, a color that gave the company production issues last year and in fact pushed the release of the Galaxy S3 back on carriers in the U.S. It’s also possible that Samsung could offer the color at some point down the line but it’s looking like black might be its choice this time around.

In addition, it appears that consumers will have choices between 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. As we saw though, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all three will come to the U.S.. Last year’s Galaxy S3 only arrived in 16GB and 32GB form in the U.S..

Keep in mind, this is in reference to the GT-I9500, a device that is thought to be the international variant of the Galaxy S4 and not carrier branded variants.

Should all of this prove to be true, it would directly mirror the iPhone 5 which is also available in three similar storage options and two colors, white and black.

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The Galaxy S4 is likely launching March 14th.

The Galaxy S4 is likely launching March 14th.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also likely to include a large 1080p display, possibly 4.99 to 5-inches, a quad-core processor, 13MP camera, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and 4G LTE speeds.

The company is also rumored to be showcasing the device in public in Times Square prior to the device’s release which is currently rumored for April in Europe and later in the U.S.

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