Samsung Galaxy S4 Teaser Video Teases 'Unreal, Totally Amazing' Device
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Teaser Video Teases ‘Unreal, Totally Amazing’ Device



Samsung has released another Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser video ahead of the Galaxy S4 launch, and like the last one, the company teases quite a bit but doesn’t reveal much about the new flagship that is set to be the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Earlier this month, Samsung released its first Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser video ahead of the device’s highly anticipated launch on March 14th. The first video introduced viewers to a young kid named Jeremy who has been tasked with holding onto Samsung’s Next Big Thing, likely the Galaxy S4, ahead of its launch this Thursday at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.–jog

The new video picks up where the last video left off, showing Jeremy in possession of a huge box that evidently contains the Samsung Galaxy S4 and all of its mysteries. Jeremy, with a little help from his driver, arrives home with the Galaxy S4 and quickly brings it up to his room for safe keeping. Of course, that’s not before a neighborhood kid asks him about the contents of the box.

Later, he is shown telling his dog that the contents of the box are “pretty irresistible” and that he should see what’s inside saying that it’s going to blow the dog away. The girl who apparently wants to know what’s in the box knows that Jeremy Maxwell, his full name, has something inside the box and due to her incursion, Jeremy closes his curtains. He also hides the box from his mom who brings him a snack.

Just about everyone wants to know what the Galaxy S4 is all about.

Just about everyone wants to know what the Galaxy S4 is all about.

When the coast is clear, Jeremy again tempts fate by opening the box to peek at what’s inside. And once again, a light emanates from the box and we hear sound effects which point to the magic that’s inside.

Jeremy describes the Galaxy S4 as “beautiful” and says that the device is his “favorite color.” The black cookies in his hand may or may not hint at a black Samsung Galaxy S4, something that has been rumored in the past. He again uses buzz words like “unreal” and “totally amazing.”

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive on March 14th in New York.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive on March 14th in New York.

What Jeremy doesn’t reveal though is the Samsung Galaxy S4 features, the design, release date or anything else that consumers have been looking forward to. Instead, it’s all a big tease ahead of the device’s inevitable launch in just a few days.

The teaser release comes on the heels of a leak of photos that are said to show the contents of Jeremy’s box. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to feature a plastic design, and mirror the Galaxy S3 with its home button and form factor.

It’s also supposed to include a 13MP camera, 4.99-inch to 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and some unique software features from Samsung, all of which should make it an enticing smartphone to those looking to pick up a new one in the coming weeks.

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