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Samsung Galaxy S4 Update Arrives for Sprint



Following its first weekend of availability, users of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint now have their first update.

Since there’s no actual changelog, users are left to speculate on what, if any, changes the update might bring.

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PhoneArena believes that since the update changed the device’s build ID to “L720VPUAMDL” from “L720VPUAMDC”, it may be all about turning on the device’s LTE functionality instead of Cellular by default. Users should be prompted to download the OTA or Over The Air update when it’s available to them.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders will allegedly start on multiple carriers at Walmart on April 16th at 9 AM.

Users who haven’t been prompted to download the update automatically, can attempt to trigger it by navigating to the System Update area in the More menu under Settings. It should be noted that typically updates of this type are pushed to users in waves not all at once. If that’s true in this case, just because a user isn’t able to get the update right now, doesn’t mean they won’t be prompted to update their Galaxy S4 at some point.

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Sprint originally announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be available to users in-store and online on April 27th, however because of a shortage in supply the nation’s third largest mobile carrier was forced to push back the device’s in-store launch until yesterday.

According to representatives who talked to GottaBeMobile, the Galaxy S4 is readily available to users and is “now flowing into Sprint sales channels.” The carrier plans to feed demand with “additional inventory shipments on a daily basis” so that stores who didn’t have the device yesterday, and don’t have it today, may have it tomorrow.

T-Mobile has also been suffering from chronic shortages of the device as well. Originally, the company planned to launch the device in all of its retail stores on May 8th, but will now launch the device in only some retail locations on that date and will wait until May 5th to make it available at its remaining locations.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will eventually be available to users on AT&T and U.S. Cellular starting this spring and arrive on Verizon on May 30th.

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