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Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Kit Expected in June



Users looking take advantage of the wireless charging capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Samsung’s official accessories should be able to do so at some point in June with a retailer claiming that it expects stock to arrive in June.

When Samsung first announced the new Samsung Galaxy S4, it introduced a number of accessories along with it including a Wireless Charging Pad and Wireless Charging Cover that will allow owners to charge their Galaxy S4 without wires. The feature was something that Samsung had intended for the Galaxy S3, but it was something that was never delivered upon.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 appears to be a different story, first with the official appearance of the compatible accessories and now, with the emergence of some pretty specific timing when it comes to their release.

While Samsung still hasn’t issued an official release date for either the Wireless Charging Pad or Wireless Charging Cover, CloveUK, a retailer based in the United Kingdom, says that it expects stock to arrive in June. Specifically, the retailer says that it should have stock of the Wireless Charging Cover in in early June and stock of the Wireless Charging Pad in in mid-June. No specific release dates are mentioned.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Kit looks set for a June release.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Kit looks set for a June release.

CloveUK has been spot on with its anticipated release dates in the past so at this point, we have no reason to doubt the timing. It’s possible that Samsung itself could move its shipping dates if it’s not ready but given that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been out for over a month, the company should be poised to deliver on its promises.

The retailer has the Charging Pad listed for £41.66 and the Charging Cover listed at £29.16. It’s not clear how much retailers in the United States will be charging for the accessories.

Those who are unwilling to wait for Samsung’s accessories do have some options, though they remain limited.

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