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Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Showcases Metal Design



A new Samsung Galaxy S5 concept showcases a beautiful metal design, something that the real Galaxy S5 could have on board when it arrives on shelves to replace the current Samsung Galaxy S4.

Rumors suggest that a Samsung Galaxy S5 is on the way to replace the current Galaxy S smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Reports point to a launch early next year with a release taking place in March or April. They also point to a souped up device that could potentially come with one feature that consumers have been waiting for for years.


Samsung’s next Galaxy S smartphone is thought to have Android 4.4 KitKat on board, a display that features better resolution and perhaps a small size increase, a Snapdragon 800 processor from Qualcomm, a 16MP camera, and quite possibly, a premium metal design, something that consumers have been campaigning for for years.

That still isn’t set in stone, Samsung does a great job of keeping its smartphone designs under wraps, but we’ve seen a number of designers come up with their own visions of a metal Galaxy S5. The latest from Hassan Kaymak, courtesy of Concept-Phones, depicts a beautiful metal Galaxy S5 that certainly ranks up there with the best Galaxy S5 concepts that we’ve seen.


The design is reminiscent of the HTC One’s aluminum design and it shows what a Samsung-made metal smartphone could look like should one arrive on shelves next year. Of course, there is no telling how close Kaymak’s design is to the real Galaxy S5 as the design still hasn’t leaked out to the surface and likely won’t until much closer to next year’s launch event.


Rumors are still undecided on the design of the real Galaxy S5. We’ve seen reports suggest a design that features a premium metal form factor, we’ve seen rumors suggest a Galaxy Note 3 plastic design and we’ve heard reports suggest that Samsung will debut both. Recently, a rumor suggested that the Galaxy S5 would not feature a metal design due to production issues.

Samsung Galaxy S51

With a Galaxy S5 launch rumored for February or March, consumers will likely be in the dark for several weeks and will instead have to rely on concepts to fuel their anticipation.



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