Samsung Galaxy S5 Catch Up Feature is Ready
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Catch Up Feature is Ready



Almost immediately after Apple announced the iPhone 5s with a 64-bit A7 processor, Samsung chimed in and said that it would be releasing devices with 64-bit processors in the near future. Today, it appears that Samsung has confirmed that its 64-bit processor is ready or release and given that it will likely be on board the Samsung Galaxy S5 means that a Samsung Galaxy S5 feature is now ready for launch.

In early September, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5s, its brand new iPhone that comes with a number of upgrades including a new camera, new colors, Touch ID fingerprint reader for security and convenience, and an all-new high-performance A7 processor with 64-bit architecture. While the addition of 64-bit support isn’t a huge deal to the average consumer right now, once core applications are upgraded with 64-bit support, users should see a noticeable difference in power and speed. Apple also has claimed that it built iOS 7 to run on a 64-bit processor.


Not to be outdone, Samsung quickly announced that it was also developing a 64-bit processor for next-generation devices and today, IT Today, a Korean publication, we know that the company has put the final touches on its new chip and that it should be ready for release. The report claims that the chip should be on the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung’s rumored flagship and a device that has seen rumors point to a 64-bit processor of the Exynos 5 or 6 variety.

There have also been rumors suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date will take place in January, far earlier than the Galaxy S launches in years past, and get tagged with a February release date. While the news of the processor being done doesn’t confirm this, it does leave the door open for an earlier launch than usual.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is rumored for February.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is rumored for February.

Rumors have also suggested that the Galaxy S5 could come with a faux leather back like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The Galaxy S5 would then be joined by a premium Samsung Galaxy F with a metal design that consumers have been campaigning for for years. The Samsung Galaxy F, if real, would almost certainly come with 64-bit support as well.

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors also suggest that the Galaxy S5 will come with a high-performance camera that, among other things, features Optical Image Stabilization, something that will help to cut down on shaky videos. Galaxy S5 rumors in general should start to fly as 2014 approaches.



  1. C Jacobs

    10/25/2013 at 10:59 am

    Wow! Really? Any credibility you had died with that biased headline. For your edification, Samsung actually discussed having 64-bit processors in the their phones back in 2012. At the time they commented on how it wasn’t needed yet. And as a bonus, Apple didn’t create the 64-bit processor in the iPhone. ARM did. And as we all know, Samsung builds that processor for Apple….

    • Andy

      10/25/2013 at 1:49 pm

      LOL. Don’t you see his biography. It says “who loves his iPhone 5, iPad third-generation and Samsung Galaxy Nexus”. I bet he is one of those who also believes Samsung has to play a catch up game inventing the fingerprint scanner.

  2. JM17

    10/25/2013 at 6:41 pm

    I hope that the Galaxy F series isn’t real. It sounds dumb. Just make the GS5 metal.

    Don’t copy Apple, Samsung. iPhone 5c sales are terrible. Just keep the Galaxy S series – it is very well known and liked by many.

    I look forward to an awesome Galaxy S5. And hopefully no F series.

  3. Bruce Kosh

    10/27/2013 at 5:10 pm

    They should come up with something other than that F. Samsung haters will use the F as Failure/Failed.

  4. bob

    10/29/2013 at 1:33 am

    Realy people… ist just a s4 with a metal surround……

  5. TCZ

    10/29/2013 at 6:07 am

    Seriously? you guys have NO clue what your talking about hey? 64 bit processors does NOT equal more power or speed at ALL. Man you really are eating up anything. The only thing 64 bit addressing in a processors allows is to have over 4 gig of rams and even there there are ways to have more than 4 gigs without 64 bit processors. Linux has been allowing more for ages on 32 bit processors.

    Not only is this article biased its a load of rubbish.

    Shame on you for not having a clue.

    • cee

      11/06/2013 at 3:38 am

      …if you are only using word docs etc, if you are using graphics, video editing, or using complex math computations, you see much better performance than on a 32-bit instruction set, I know this from real world bench tests, not using GeekBench. Don’t read a headline, then quote it as fact, test yourself and trust good tests, not glib headlines that you have heard second hand.

      And then there is native 64-bit encryption….

      Shame on you TCZ, for bull-shitting yourself.

  6. Truffol (@Truffol)

    10/30/2013 at 2:08 am

    Samsung has enough product lines. We don’t need a Galaxy F! Doesn’t the Galaxy S series represent the “premium” Samsung line anyway? Although making the S5 metal would be welcomed by many for sure, especially since the HTC One received so much fanfare over its aluminum body.

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