Samsung Galaxy S5 Feature Could Save Your Phone
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Feature Could Save Your Phone



While the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch is thought to be several months away at least, that hasn’t stopped rumors from emerging about the next-generation Galaxy S with the latest suggesting that the Galaxy S5 design may be equipped with the same dust and water resistant properties as the current Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

Earlier this year, Samsung introduced several versions of its flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 including the regular old Galaxy S4, a Galaxy S4 Zoom with an upgraded camera, a Galaxy S4 mini with a smaller design and lesser specs, and a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active that featured many of the regular Galaxy S4 specs but upped the ante with its design by offering dust and water resistance.


All of these designs were made of plastic as Samsung refused to bow to increasing demands for a more premium design. It did, however, switch things up with the Galaxy Note 3 by delivering a faux leather plastic design, different from the polycarbonate plastic designs that it has employed on its previous flagship Galaxy models.

Rumors have suggested that next year’s Galaxy S, currently dubbed Galaxy S5, will expand on those changes by delivering a metal design to compete with the likes of the HTC One and the iPhone 5s. And thanks to a new report, it appears that the design may come with dust and water resistant qualities like the Galaxy S4 Active.

Korean publication ETNews suggests that the Galaxy S5 could bring a dust and water resistant premium design to the table, premium hinting to a possible change to the device’s plastic design. It appears that Samsung may be investigating an “Active” like design for the Galaxy Note 3 as well as the report suggests that the Galaxy Note 3 could get these types of enhancements down the road as well.

These rumors are extremely early though and with Samsung likely experimenting with several different Galaxy S5 designs, it’s possible that the company will go a different route with the final product. In the case of the Galaxy Note 3, we heard about three different prototypes before Samsung ultimately decided to bring one of them to market.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t expected to arrive until March of next year, the same month that the Galaxy S4 launched, and we expect a ton of rumors and speculation to emerge between now and then. Current Galaxy S5 rumors suggest a new design paired with a brand new high-end camera that could blow the Galaxy S4 camera out of the water. There is also talk that the Samsung Galaxy F series could be the company’s premium build with the Galaxy S potentially getting demoted.

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