Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Date Rumors Swirl
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Date Rumors Swirl



A new report suggests that Samsung could announce its first smartphone with a QHD display in February at Mobile World Congress. Rumors have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S5 feature list could include a high-resolution display like this one so it could be that the Galaxy S5 launch date does land in February ahead of a release date in March or April as rumors have suggested.

For weeks now, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been one of the most heavily rumored devices of 2014 with whispers flying around on a near daily basis. The device is fully expected to replace the Samsung Galaxy S4 next year and rumors have begun to try and pinpoint the device’s features well ahead of its anticipated 2014 launch date.


Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors have pointed to a device touting a 64-bit processor, possibly of the Exynos variety, a 16MP camera that could come with Samsung’s ISOCELL technology for better photos in low-light, a metal design, a plastic design, and a launch date that will be coming sometime in the first half of the year with a release that comes in March or April.

Nothing is set in stone and won’t be until Samsung takes the stage to announce its next flagship. But that doesn’t mean that rumors won’t persist. Today, in fact, another major Galaxy S5 rumor is swirling as a report from ZDNet Asia claims that Samsung will announce its first QHD smartphone, a smartphone with clearer 2560 x 1440 resolution at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February.

The report also mentions that the company is in the process of getting Iris verification put on its devices, a feature that has already been rumored for the Galaxy S5, and a feature that could ultimately replace a fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S5. The feature would compete with Apple’s TouchID fingerprint technology that is embedded inside the iPhone’s home button.

Both of these rumors have popped up for the Galaxy S5 in the past, something that has made several publications assert that the Galaxy S5 likely will launch at Mobile World Congress.

In the past, Samsung has shied away from trade shows and conferences and has instead, launched its Galaxy S smartphone at its own events. Last year’s Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced in April at the Radio Music City Hall but was widely panned as being over-the-top. These rumors suggest that Samsung will return to its roots with the Galaxy S5 and announce it on stage at MWC but that remains unconfirmed despite the information in the report.

That said, Galaxy S5 launch date and Galaxy S5 release date rumors all point to an arrival in the first half of the year and within the next few weeks, prospective Galaxy S5 buyers should see launch date rumors settle on a specific month or date.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michael Hall

    12/16/2013 at 9:37 am

    I’m sure that the S5 will be a knockout product. All of Samsungs products have been innovative and market leading.

    What’s missing? How about doing something with their appalling customer support? The 4.3 update is a classic example of how NOT to treat your customers if you want to build loyalty for future product releases. Samsung like to provide no information whatsoever and their testing of 4.3 was woeful (if they did any at all). Many of us are left struggling with the aftermath of their apparent contempt for their S3 and S4 customers.

    So what new feature would I like to see come with the S5? World class customer support – that’s what! Then Samsung really would have the market to themselves…..

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