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Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Date: What to Expect



Samsung sent out invites yesterday for an Unpacked 5 event set for February 24th. The event, which will help kick off Mobile World Congress 2014, has helped to fuel speculation surrounding the company’s heavily rumored Samsung Galaxy S5. Nothing is confirmed but there are some reasons why February 24th could definitely be the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date.

For months, rumors and leaks have tried to piece together the Samsung Galaxy S5. From its display, to its processor, to its launch date and release date, nothing has been safe. And while the Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor mill continues to churn, it will likely cease in just a few short weeks.

All along, Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors have pointed to a launch in the early part of 2014. While early rumors pointed to January, more specific and more credible rumors have alluded to launch dates either in February or in March. For its part, Samsung has yet to confirm any specific date, leaving the Galaxy S5 launch and release dates up in the air.

Yesterday, Samsung added fuel to the fire when it sent out invites for a media event that is surprisingly going to take place on February 24th at Mobile World Congress 2014. We say surprising because Unpacked events are usually saved for big smartphone launches and Samsung’s Galaxy S launches, which take place in the early part of the year, usually go down away from major events like MWC.

Nothing is set in stone of course. There is still a chance that Samsung will use the spotlight to announce something else, perhaps Tizen devices or tablets. The company is rumored to have several possible MWC announcements that aren’t the Samsung Galaxy S5.

With the invite now live though, we want to help set consumer expectations and take a close look at what we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Date in February


Yesterday, Samsung sent out invites for a launch event set for February 24th. The event is Unpacked 5 Episode 1 and it will be taking place in Barcelona, Spain on the first day of Mobile World Congress 2014. The company did not say what it will be announcing at the event only that it will be showing off new “products.” It did not elaborate.

While it’s possible that Samsung could use the Unpacked name and the attention from MWC to put the spotlight on non-flagship devices that wouldn’t normally get that kind of attention, prospective Galaxy S5 buyers should expect the event to be centered around the Samsung Galaxy S5 and not something else.

Here’s why.

Unpacked 5

Maybe the most obvious clue is that the invite has ‘5’ in the name. This seems to imply what we already know, that Samsung is going to be launching a device called the Samsung Galaxy S5 as its fifth-generation Samsung Galaxy S. This doesn’t confirm the Galaxy S5’s presence but it sure makes an announcement likely.

Unpacked Events for Major Device Launches

Furthermore, Samsung typically saves its Unpacked events for major device launches, flagships is what they are called. The Galaxy S and Galaxy Note historically have received the Unpacked event treatment and we know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is likely not going to be arriving until the fall.


Need more evidence? Well, Samsung hosted a pretty large event in London for the Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Zoom but the event was not labeled as Unpacked. So unless Samsung is really screwing with us and practicing a great deal of subterfuge, then the February 24th Unpacked launch should be for the Galaxy S5.

Live Stream in NY

In addition to taking the stage in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung will be hosting a live stream at its Galaxy Studio in New York City. That event will begin on February 24 at 2 PM ET. There, Samsung says that it will be “hosting a first hands-on experience with our new products.”

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept.

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept.

The only reason Samsung would invest this much effort into an event is if it were for a massive device launch that will impact millions of consumers. We can’t see Samsung doing all of this for a Tizen smartphone or a Galaxy tablet. They simply isn’t enough interest to warrant such a large launch event.

Fits in With Rumors

Finally, this February 24th launch date fits in with the rumors. While we saw credible sources point to a launch in March, we also saw rumors continually point to a launch at MWC. So while it may come as a surprise given that Samsung has launched its Galaxy S away from trade shows, this isn’t a huge shock.

Really Big Show

Even if Samsung decides to announce something else on February 24th, we don’t think it will but it’s possible, the company will host a huge show for the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch. In the past two years we’ve seen the company host incredible events that involved orchestras, magicians and even Broadway actors. It always goes all out for these Unpacked events.


We expect the same thing here. Samsung will likely use the grand stage to show off its new products and promote them to the world. Our hope is that the company ditches its boring scripts in favor of something that consumers can relate to but thus far, the company has not been able to do that. And maybe, it doesn’t care to.

Carrier Confirmations

After the Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally shown off on stage, we fully expect American carries to confirm their allegiance to Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S smartphone. Last year, with the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, we saw Samsung itself confirm the carriers on stage and in releases after the show was over.

The Galaxy S4 wireless charger slips inside the back, so cases still work.

Carriers themselves also promoted their wares immediately after the show, confirming the flagship devices for their 4G LTE networks. Anything to try and get a leg up on the competition. The same thing will probably happen here. We’ll see Samsung confirm carriers on stage and carrier will confirm their plans to launch the Galaxy S5 and perhaps, some of its rumored variants.

Other Products

Speaking of variants, we expect the Samsung Galaxy S5 to debut on the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date of course, but we also expect the device to be joined on stage by a variety of other products. Samsung is well known for using the Unpacked platform to showcase some of the other things that it has been working on and we expect the same from this launch event.


In comments made to Recode, Samsung confirmed plans to launch new wearables alongside its flagship smartphones. The company specifically stated that the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note launches would see brand new products launch alongside them.

Industry sources tell ZDNet Korea that a new Galaxy Gear 2 will deliver a completely new experience when it arrives in March or April, presumably alongside the Galaxy S5.

The biggest new feature is expected to be a flexible OLED display. The insiders did not share many details about the size or resolution of this flexible display, but it could play into their claims that the Galaxy Gear 2 will deliver a new design.


As we’ve pointed out, the Galaxy Gear features a bulky display area that users found to be too large and not fashionable enough despite multiple color options and finishes. A flexible OLED display could pair up with flexible battery technology to let Samsung deliver a thinner more fashionable Galaxy Gear 2 with the Galaxy S5.

If not the Galaxy Gear 2, then something else, perhaps a new health bracelet, something that Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin seems to think Samsung will refresh on stage.

Home Technology

Murtazin also claims that the company will introduce software that ties into the home. Samsung might be well known for making Android smartphones and tablets but the company is also heavily invested in consumer appliances, refrigerators for instance. What Murtazin is claiming here makes a lot of sense.

Tying its biggest mobile products into its other consumer products is a no-brainer because it will encourage investment into the Samsung ecosystem. It will also serve to benefit those that already own Samsung appliances in the home and simply crave the ability to perform certain tasks with their smartphone or tablet.

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