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Samsung Galaxy S5 Photo Samples Show Off New Features



The Samsung Galaxy S5 camera is a major feature that Samsung hopes will help sell this new smartphone as it competes with the iPhone 5S and the New HTC One this year and we now have our first look at over three dozen Galaxy S5 photo samples.

During the announcement Samsung talked at length about the faster auto focus, clocking in at 0.3 seconds, the new live HDR mode and the ability to chose a point of focus in the photo after you take it. In our hands on we found the auto focus incredibly fast and the ability to choose a point of focus to blur the foreground or background after taking the photo to be a very cool feature.

Here are a collection of Galaxy S5 Photo Samples that show the abilities and modes of the smartphone.

Here are a collection of Galaxy S5 Photo Samples that show the abilities and modes of the smartphone.

We could not take our Galaxy S5 photo samples with us, but a new report shares over three dozen Galaxy S5 photo samples which highlight the new features. This report on Mobile-Review also includes news that Samsung will allow users to download new modes for the camera from the Samsung app store, some are paid and some are free. This is similar to Sony’s Xperia z1s approach for the camera plugins.

While the Galaxy S5 does not include optical image stabilization it does include picture stabilization and video stabilization modes. The camera app also includes access to live filters on photos.

Galaxy S5 Photo Samples

Keep in mind that these Galaxy S5 photo samples were pre-loaded on the device and clearly shot by a professional with the best possible lighting and possibly other equipment used to stage the scene. The real world Galaxy S5 photo samples may not look as nice when it arrives in the hands of consumers next month.

Normal Galaxy S5 Photo Samples

These are shot in the normal mode of the Galaxy S5 camera app using the 16MP sensor. These are perfectly lit and are an example of what the camera can do, but not necessarily the best representation of what the average user will take with the Galaxy S5 in April.

Galaxy S5 HDR Photo Samples

In HDR Mode the Galaxy S5 can combine multiple exposures to deliver a better looking photo overall. The gallery below includes two without HDR and two Galaxy S5 samples with HDR on.

Selective Focus Galaxy S5 Photo Samples

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 Selective Focus mode users can blur the background or foreground of a photo to get an effect similar to taking a shallow depth of field photo with a DLSR. This can draw attention to part of the photo and create a more visually appealing photo. Unlike using a DSLR, the Galaxy S5 is in your pocket and it allows you to pick the point of focus after you take the photo.

Galaxy S5 Drama Shot Photo Sample

With Drama Shot the Galaxy S5 allows users to show movement by putting multiple frames of the individual on one photo. This allows a parent to show a kid riding his bike through the full stage without fancy editing software. There is a similar mode on the HTC One, so this is not unique to the Galaxy S5, but it is still nice looking.

Capture all the action with a Drama Shot on the Galaxy S5.

Capture all the action with a Drama Shot on the Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 Motion Blur Photo Sample

With the Panning Mode, users can freeze a subject in a clear photo while the background is blurred. Unlike Selective focus, this shows motion such as a jump or a racecar flying past at high speeds.

Mobile-Review shares many more Galaxy S5 photo samples and even a Galaxy S5 sample video for users to download. We expect to see more real-world Galaxy S5 photos when the device arrives in early April.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 price is not confirmed in the U.S., but expect it to be around $199 to $249 on contract and we expect to see a U.S. Galaxy S5 release date near April 11th, when Samsung announced the phone will launch in 150 countries.

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1 Comment

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