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Samsung Galaxy S5 Price Could Lead to Early Deals for U.S. Buyers



The Samsung Galaxy S5 price in the U.S. remains a mystery, but pricing in the UK and in Taiwan, the Galaxy S5 price is not only announced, but cheaper too.

Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 in late February, but did not share any U.S. Galaxy S5 price information. The company normally leaves this information to U.S. carriers to announce, and so far Verizon, T-Mobile. Sprint, AT&T and U.S. Cellular are keeping quiet.

We are hearing about the Galaxy S5 price on other carriers, outside of the U.S., and it is arriving with a cheaper price in one area and a cheaper than we expect in the U.S. price in another.

While it is not possible to convert the Samsung Galaxy S5 price in other regions into dollars and know what carriers will charge, we heard from Bloomberg ahead of the launch that the Galaxy S5 price could be cheaper and two reports from ZDNet Korea continue to point to a cheaper Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S5 price in other countries doesn't convert into U.S. pricing, but it points to more room for carriers to offer deals.

The Galaxy S5 price in other countries doesn’t convert into U.S. pricing, but it points to more room for carriers to offer deals.

A new report from ZDNet Korea shares details about the factory price of the Galaxy S5, claiming that it will be approximately 100,000 won cheaper than the Galaxy S4 factory price. This is roughly an 11% drop in the Galaxy S5 price. Converting this to dollars still results in a very high price, but it may point to a cheaper device that gives carriers some room to play with pricing.

This news comes soon after Three UK announced a Galaxy S5 price of £69, about $113 U.S. dollars, with monthly plans of £38 and £44. It is unlikely that we will see a Galaxy S5 release in the U.S. at the $100 mark, though for a carrier like T-Mobile it would not be surprising to see users pay $100 to $150 up front and then pay the rest in monthly installments alongside their plan.

Even if the Galaxy S5 price debuts at $199 on a two-year contract in the U.S., this chatter about cheaper prices could help U.S. consumers looking for deals. If carriers and resellers are able to purchase the device cheaper from Samsung there is more room to offer Galaxy S5 deals in the first several months.

Samsung confirmed Best Buy, Sam’s Club, Amazon, RadioShack, Walmart, Target and others will sell the Galaxy S. One thing we know about most of these retailers is that they love to offer deals that cut the price of phones by $30 to $50 soon after release. Sam’s Club already has a Galaxy S5 place holder, though they are not yet sharing the price. Sam’s Club and Walmart are typically among the first to offer deals on new smartphones, followed closely by Amazon and Best Buy.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 price looks to be between $620 and $650 off contract thanks to contests held for the device on U.S. carriers, which translates to a $199 on contract price, but this is not confirmed yet.

We expect to hear about the Galaxy S5 price around the time U.S. carriers announce the Galaxy S5 pre-orders. Hopefully we’ll hear all of this information and a release date very soon.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is set for April 11th in over 150 countries. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular have yet to confirm a specific release date, but they are planning to start selling the Galaxy S5 in April.

We expect to see a 16GB and 32GB Galaxy S5 on sale in the U.S., but the 16GB model may be the only one available in stores on the release date. We don't expect to see sell outs or long lines like an Apple launch, but we do anticipate carriers will make a big deal out of the day.

Galaxy S5 buyers can expect to see two color options, black and white, and many accessories available on the release day.

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