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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Breakdown



The Samsung Galaxy S5 is here and as expected, consumers have been treated to a ton of information regarding the Galaxy S5 release date. Here, in an effort to aid those who might be interested in the new Galaxy S, we breakdown the upcoming release in the United States.

Finally, after weeks of anticipation, the Galaxy S5 was revealed on stage at the company’s Unpacked 5 Episode 1 launch event in Barcelona, Spain. The device, which replaces the Galaxy S4 as the company’s flagship, will introduce a number of new features including a brand new design, improved camera, faster processor, and more. And as we predicted, Samsung had a lot to say, not only about its features, but about its upcoming release as well.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will land in April.

Rumors leading up to the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch put the Galaxy S5 release date in the months of March and April. All along, April seemed like the front-runner and today, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S5 would be released during the month of April. Surprisingly, the company went as far as to confirm a specific date.

We also have seen a ton of details regarding the Samsung Galaxy S5 release in the United States emerge, details that have helped put the Galaxy S5 into perspective for those thinking about making an upgrade.

With details swirling, we want to breakdown the Samsung Galaxy S5 release, including everything we know about its release date, pre-orders and pricing. There are still some missing details, to be expected given how close to launch we are, but there are certainly a great number of details available to those in the United States and elsewhere.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date


The Galaxy S5 release date will land on April 11th for 150 regions.

At first, Samsung was only willing to give consumers an “April” release date for the Galaxy S5. However, at the end of the show, the company said that the Galaxy S5 would be released, specifically, on April 11th.

Samsung says that it will be there that the device is made available in 15o regions though the company did not confirm all 150 of those regions. It will likely do so in the days ahead.

When pressed for details, a Samsung representative at the Galaxy S5 launch in New York City would only nod when asked if April 11th would include the United States. They said that they couldn’t confirm that but from the looks of things, April 11th is a date that most Galaxy S5 buyers should circle on their calendar.

We have also confirmed that the device will arrive for a number of Canadian carriers including Bell, Rogers, SaskTel, TELUS, Virgin Mobile and WIND Mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S5 U.S. Release


As expected, American carriers have begun confirming the Samsung Galaxy S5 for arrival. There are certainly some details that are missing but those details should be revealed in the weeks ahead as we get closer to the release dates.


AT&T confirmed the Galaxy S5 for arrival today, offering users a sign up page on which they can sign up for more official information from AT&T itself.

The carrier does not confirm a specific release date though it does note that the Galaxy S5 will be coming to its 4G LTE network in the near future. It does not explicitly confirm the Galaxy S5 release for April and instead says that it will be “coming soon.”

That’s extremely vague though we expect AT&T, a close partner of Samsung’s, to be near the front of the pack in terms of a Galaxy S5 release in the United States.


Sprint also confirmed the Galaxy S5 for arrival today, issuing both a statement and a sign up page for interested consumers. The sign up page reveals two key details about the Sprint Galaxy S5 launch.

First, it puts the Galaxy S5 release in the month of April. There isn’t a specific date but this confirms a release by the end of that month. The sign up page also reveals a contest that Sprint is hosting.

Those who sign up for more information will enter themselves into a contest where the prizes include a $100 Visa gift card, or, the Samsung Galaxy S5 itself. The sweepstakes end in March, ahead of the Galaxy S5’s official release.

The carrier also confirms that its Galaxy S5 will come with access to Sprint Spark, a service that delivers fast data speeds. It’s currently available in 16 markets including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.


Unsurprisingly, the self-proclaimed UnCarrier also confirmed the Galaxy S5 for arrival through a sign up page that also provides those with a chance to win some prizes.

T-Mobile says that it will be giving away a phone a day for five weeks and that it will also be giving away a Samsung Galaxy S5 and an S-View Flip Cover.

The sign up page also confirms the carrier’s plans to push the Galaxy S5 live at some point in April, just like the other four main carriers. It does not provide a specific release date though we imagine that we’ll see it land around April 11th.

The Galaxy S5 is headed to major carriers in the United States.

The Galaxy S5 is headed to major carriers in the United States.

U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular confirmed the arrival of its Galaxy S5 to Gotta Be Mobile, telling us that it plans to release the device alongside the Samsung Gear 2 and the Samsung Gear 2 Neo.

The carrier says that it will be releasing the device sometime in April though it declined to offer a specific date and did not provide any information about a pre-order. It did tell us that it plans to share pre-sale information in the future which means that customers should expect there to be a pre-order ahead of the actual release date.


The Verizon Galaxy S5 is coming, we just can’t say exactly when. Verizon confirmed the device through its own sign up page where the carrier invites users to sign up for more information. It doesn’t appear to be offering a contest for prospective buyers.

Verizon does suggest that the Galaxy S5 will be arriving in the near future but like AT&T it does not specifically call out April as the Galaxy S5’s release month. Verizon is well known for releasing flagship devices weeks and sometimes months after the competition but it doesn’t look like the carrier has any intention of doing that here.

We should find out exactly when it will release the Galaxy S5 in the near future.

Other Carriers

The only other carrier that we’ve seen confirm the Galaxy S5 for arrival is MetroPCS. The carrier says that it will be releasing the Galaxy S5 in April as well though it does not provide a specific date.

It does, however, offer up a contest to its customers and says that those who enter their information will be signed up for a chance to not only win the Galaxy S5 itself but three months of complimentary service.


Carriers are currently mum on pre-order dates though there is one retailer that is currently taking reservations ahead of the start of the Galaxy S5 pre-order.

RadioShack is taking down names for those that want to reserve the Galaxy S5 ahead of its pre-order and ahead of its release date. Prospective buyers can put their name down at RadioShack’s website or at one of its physical retail locations. It doesn’t guarantee a Galaxy S5 upon release but it does put consumers in line.

We expect other retailers and carriers to take pre-orders as well though it’s not exactly clear when they will announce specific dates.


According to Samsung USA’s sign up page, the Galaxy S5 will be available through Best Buy, Sam’s Club, RadioShack, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Costco.

Best Buy will carry the Galaxy S5 in April.

Best Buy will carry the Galaxy S5 in April.

That’s in addition to carriers and Samsung itself and it means that those in the United States will likely have an easy time finding the device. We should also see pricing get competitive as well.

Galaxy S5 Price

Speaking of the Samsung Galaxy S5 price, we have confirmed that it will likely cost around $650 off-contract. This is confirmed by the small prince on Sprint’s website that lists the Approximate Retail Value (ARV) as $650. That’s the same price that the Samsung Galaxy S4 arrived for off-contract so it makes sense.

It’s still not clear how much the device will cost on-contract though rumors have pointed to a possible price drop.

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