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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date: 7 Things You Shouldn’t Expect



Samsung still hasn’t put a date into stone but we know that a Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is coming soon. All signs point to a Galaxy S5 launch within the next few weeks and it will be there that the company details the date that every prospective buyer is aching to know about.

Since the end of last year, Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors have been swirling around, teasing smartphone enthusiasts and those in the hunt for a new device. While Samsung Galaxy S5 feature rumors are currently in flux, we recently saw Galaxy S5 launch date rumors firm up ahead of Samsung’s launch date.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will likely be one of the more popular devices of the year. Rumors suggest that it will have top notch features including a high-resolution display, speedy processor, upgraded camera, Android 4.4 KitKat, major changes to Samsung’s TouchWiz software, and a new design that could be made out of plastic, metal or both.

More importantly, it appears that the heavily anticipated device is only weeks away from launch. A recent report from The New York Times insists that a Samsung Galaxy S5 launch will take place on February 24th in Barcelona, Spain. This is the same date that Samsung has scheduled an Unpacked 5 Episode 1 event at Mobile World Congress 2014.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed what it will be announcing at the launch event but there is a very good chance that it will be something big. The company only uses its Unpacked events for big name devices, Galaxy S’ and Galaxy Note’s, and there will be a live stream and a hands-on debut in New York City. If this was something small, Samsung would not have gone to these lengths.

So, chances are, the Galaxy S5 will launch on February 24th and there, its features and its release date known. Ahead of the launch date, we want to take a look at what we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date.

Yesterday, we went in depth about what we expect to take place and today, we’re switching gears and taking a look at what we do not expect from the Galaxy S5 release date.

U.S. Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Last in Line

Very rarely does the United States get a smartphone ahead of the rest of the world. It’s typically on par with several other countries when it comes to Apple’s iPhone but when it comes to the big name Android devices that are made by Asian manufacturers, it’s typically a little bit behind the curve.

Samsung, over the years, realized that this policy wasn’t cutting it and put great emphasis on the U.S. market. We saw the company debut the Galaxy S4 in New York City last year. The Galaxy S4 release in the United States was swift, much faster than the Galaxy S3 release which arrived several weeks after the initial release.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also arrived in the United States just a few days after it arrived in other regions around the world. It wasn’t last but it wasn’t first either.


Samsung’s Galaxy S5 launch appears to be taking place in Europe, not the United States, but we don’t expect that to have a major impact on U.S. carrier release dates. Again, Samsung has put a major emphasis on the United States. There’s proof this year in the satellite event that the company will be hosting in New York City on February 24th.

The importance is not lost on Samsung this year and so, we have a feeling that Samsung and U.S. carriers will be reasonable this time around. It’s hard to think that the Galaxy S5 release date will land in the United States first and then push elsewhere, but we doubt that the United States will be dead last to a flagship model that Samsung hopes will change things around. After all, it admitted that the Galaxy S4 didn’t sell as well as it wanted.

Verizon Galaxy S5 Release Extremely Late

This might come as a surprise to some Verizon users who have continually been let down by Verizon and its ridiculous habit of releasing flagships months after the competition but we have faith this time around with the Galaxy S5 release.

Yes, the carrier bombed with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. However, the carrier seemed to acknowledge how ridiculous those launches were because it threw a bone to consumers with a relatively swift Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release. It was one of the first to release Galaxy Note 3 release details as well.


Now, we’re not saying that we expect the Verizon Galaxy S5 release to come first, we just have a good feeling that the carrier won’t repeat last years mistakes. Not with T-Mobile making a strong push and not with AT&T’s 4G LTE network the size that it is. There is serious competition out there and while Verizon remains a top choice for many, it probably wants to keep that reputation. We’re not expecting an extremely late Verizon Galaxy S5 release.

Weekend Release Dates

While this will appear as low-hanging fruit to some consumers, we felt the need to point this out to those that might be joining the flagship smartphone circus for the first time. Companies like Apple and Samsung almost never release their big name smartphones on the weekend. While there are likely many reasons, press is probably a pretty big one. They simply won’t get the kind of coverage they want if they release on the weekend.

Don’t expect anything less from the Galaxy S5 release. It will more than likely arrive on all carriers during the working week so that they can reap the publicity.

iPhone-style Galaxy S5 Release

Do not expect there to be an iPhone-style release. What we mean by that is, don’t expect there to be long lines outside of retail and carrier stores on release day. Those almost never happen with Android smartphone launches, in part because there is typically a pre-order, because Android phones usually fly off the supply lines and because there isn’t the same kind of day one demand as there is for the iPhone.

iPhone 6

Furthermore, don’t expect carriers and retailers to open early on the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date. Yes, they tend to do this to accommodate people on the iPhone’s release day but this simply does not happen with Android smartphone releases, big and small. We think retailers like Best Buy will open at the same time they always do.

Every Galaxy S5 Option

For whatever reason, be it because of production or something else, Samsung almost never has every single Galaxy S5 option available on day one. That includes all of the planned color options and that means storage options as well.

Last year, the Galaxy S4 arrived in black and white but it wasn’t until weeks later that AT&T launched its red version of the flagship smartphone. This is par for the course when it comes to Samsung smartphone launches. Release a few initial colors and then push out new colors, some of them unique to carriers, in the weeks and months after. We don’t expect anything different from the Galaxy S5 at this point.

The Galaxy S4 wireless charger slips inside the back, so cases still work.

We’ve also see larger storage models absent on release day. Last year, the 32GB Galaxy S4 variants for AT&T and Verizon were missing at the start. The Verizon Galaxy S4 32GB arrived weeks after the 16GB model did. We’re hoping that Samsung changes things this time around but we wouldn’t count on it.

The Galaxy S5 is rumored to be coming in 32GB and 64GB form and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the 64GB model miss some carriers on day one.

Lack of Accessories

Do not expect there to be a lack of Galaxy S5 accessories on its first day of availability. While Samsung might take some time to gets its official accessories onto shelves, third-party accessory makers will ensure that there isn’t a shortage of accessories to go around. In fact, we’ve already seen some start making preparations for the release date.

An Expensive Galaxy S4

When the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date does finally arrive, expect the device to take its place next to some of the current smartphone options that carriers currently offer to consumers. One of those devices will more than likely be the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy Note 3 design could feature thinner bezels like the Galaxy S4 to stay with a similar size.

We should see Galaxy S4 price drops occur in the next few weeks and by the time the Galaxy S5 release date arrives, this is a phone that carriers will practically be giving away. We bring this up because there will likely be some prospective Galaxy S5 buyers who are either turned off by the price or by the phone itself. Designs have a way of doing that.



  1. Azar Asgarov

    02/08/2014 at 1:51 am

    Why should it be first in USA? U Americans think you’re the best, huh?

  2. American

    02/08/2014 at 3:18 am

    We are jackass

  3. Soldier44

    02/08/2014 at 1:36 pm

    We used to be first, but seriously why in the F in Spain. Can’t we have a US release location for once Samsung?

  4. Jay Holm

    02/08/2014 at 3:03 pm

    It says there will be an event in NYC. Doesn’t matter to me where the event is, I’m not the press.

  5. Rome (@BuffaloSoldier2)

    02/08/2014 at 3:27 pm

    The US should be number one. This is the biggest market and there is more disposable income available to purchase such luxury items

  6. nick ross

    02/09/2014 at 2:52 am

    It seems it will release in many countries on the same date as i have seen on

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