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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date: 10 Things to Expect



With the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date all but confirmed for February 24th at MWC 2014, we now know that a Samsung Galaxy S5 release date should be coming some time in the next few weeks. With that in mind, we want to take a look at what we expect from one of the biggest smartphone release dates of the year.

For months, Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors have been flying around, teasing consumers with prospective Galaxy S5 features, launch dates and release dates. Finally, in the month of February, we’ve seen things slow down a little bit as rumors start to firm up and point to specific dates and features.

Earlier this week, Samsung sent out invites for a major press event scheduled for February 24th at Mobile World Congress 2014. The company has not said what will be arriving at the event but a recent report from The New York Times suggests that it will be the Samsung Galaxy S5 and quite possibly, a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 that will arrive at the event.

There are also some signs that suggest that the Galaxy S5 will launch in just a couple of weeks. Those signs include the event name Unpacked 5, the fact that Samsung historically has reserved Unpacked events for Galaxy S and Galaxy Note launches, and the fact that this event will also come with a live stream and hands-on in the United States. Samsung usually doesn’t go to these lengths for mid-range or non-flagship devices.

With that in mind, we’re expecting a Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date within the next few weeks and thus, we’re expecting to find out one key detail: The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date, or, the day that it hits shelves.

While we don’t have any confirmation yet, we do have rumors, history and our gut instinct to draw from and here, we take a look at what we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Dates Announced at Launch Event

Samsung hosts these launch events for a reason. That reason? Self-promotion. It wants to showcase its wares, not just to those in attendance, but also to the millions of viewers who also happen to be millions of potential customers.

The Galaxy S5 launch date is reportedly coming February 24th.

The Galaxy S5 launch date is reportedly coming February 24th.

The company will attempt to sell its Samsung Galaxy S5 and that means that it will need to deliver pertinent information to everyone watching. That means a look at the hardware, that means details about the software and that means some sort of confirmation about the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date or release dates.

Expect Samsung to deliver Galaxy S5 release date details at the Galaxy S5 launch event. It won’t close the event without setting expectations and letting those interested in the Galaxy S5 know when they will be able to get their hands on one. This is essential to selling any smartphone and over the years, Samsung has come to realize that release dates are very important to consumers. If the event passes without release date details, we’d be shocked.

Samsung to Give Vague Release Window

That said, expect Samsung to be very vague with its Galaxy S5 release information, at least for the United States. We should see the company confirm release months for all regions, at the very least, and it could be that Samsung narrows things down with a very specific date for the first Galaxy S5 release date. We saw the company get very specific with the Galaxy Note 3 release date.

For other regions though, we expect vague release windows of “April” or perhaps even the dreaded “coming weeks” as the company works with its partners to settle on specific dates.

U.S. Carriers to Confirm Specific Dates

Expect U.S. carriers to be the ones to confirm the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date in the United States, not Samsung. Samsung will probably sooth U.S. consumers minds with a vague release window but it will more than likely be the carriers themselves that offer release date specifics to their prospective Galaxy S5 buyers.


Usually, we don’t see specific dates emerge for at least a few days after the launch event. Carriers need to prepare their release pipelines accordingly and that takes time. Expect U.S. carriers to confirm specific dates and expect those dates to arrive at least a few weeks before the actual release date so as to give consumers some time to decide.

Galaxy S5 Release Beyond April

That’s enough about the actual release date announcement, how about the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date itself. We still don’t know when the actual Galaxy S5 date though rumors have suggested late April. Gotta Be Mobile has learned that the Galaxy S5 release date could land in late April and perhaps, at the end of the week. We still haven’t been able to lock down a specific date.

Anything beyond April would be out of character. Samsung usually releases its devices about a month after launch and with February 24th looking extremely likely, anything beyond April would be a complete and utter surprise. With rumors in hand and Samsung’s pattern of waiting a month or so to push out its device, we can’t see a Galaxy S5 release happening beyond April.


Smaller and pre-paid carriers may have to wait longer but for those looking in major markets and for major carriers, a release in March or April makes sense.

Multiple U.S. Release Dates

U.S. consumers should expect there to be multiple Galaxy S5 release dates. In other words, don’t expect AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon to all share one release date. Samsung’s releases don’t take after the iPhone as Samsung simply doesn’t wield the power here, the carriers do.

Instead, we expect carriers will release the Galaxy S5 when they’re ready. Remember, the HTC M8 is on the horizon and carriers are likely shuffling dates around, trying to figure out the best formula for the next few weeks. We can’t imagine that Verizon will be a month behind the curve like it was with the Galaxy S4 but we do expect someone to be last to the Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 Pre-Orders

Those interested in ordering the Samsung Galaxy S5 straight away should expect carriers to offer a pre-order for the smartphone. We almost always see a pre-order for Samsung’s flagship smartphones and we usually see those pre-orders land a few weeks or more ahead of the actual release date.

The Galaxy Note 3 design could feature thinner bezels like the Galaxy S4 to stay with a similar size.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, we saw pre-orders emerge right off the bat. Verizon confirmed a pre-order date almost immediately and we could very well see some carriers confirm pre-orders shortly after the Galaxy S5’s launch.

We should see pre-orders across the board at the major U.S. carriers as they give consumers a chance to order their new Galaxy S5 ahead of its release date.

Plentiful Stock

We expect there to be plentiful Samsung Galaxy S5 stock available on the device’s release date, well, release dates. Samsung always does a good job keeping its supply lines churning devices and we just aren’t seeing the same kind of demand that we saw with the Galaxy S4.

Samsung kept the Galaxy S4 on shelves despite the demand and it managed to do the same with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. We haven’t heard rumors of any production problems, we heard plenty before the arrival of the iPhone 5s, so we’re thinking that Samsung’s upcoming release should be as smooth as its past two Galaxy releases.

Day One Galaxy S5 Deals

While the Samsung Galaxy S5 will probably be one of the more popular smartphones of the year, we still expect it to see some immediate price drops on its release day. This is something that tends to happen with Android phones of all shapes and sizes and we haven’t seen any big names show any kind of immunity.

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept with plastic and metal.

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept with plastic and metal.

Price drops for big name Android devices usually aren’t big at first, $20 to $30 at most, but as the days go on, we often see third-party retailers offer major discounts. Last year, we saw the Galaxy S4 price cut significantly just a few weeks after it arrived. We expect similar from the Galaxy S5 and those looking hard enough should find a way to save some money.

Galaxy Gear 2 Release Date/Bundles

If Samsung announces the Galaxy Gear 2 on stage alongside the Galaxy S5 like recent reports from ZDNet and The New York Times suggest, we expect a Galaxy Gear 2 release date to be similar to the Galaxy S5 release date.

The first major Samsung Galaxy S5 accessory may be a redesigned Galaxy Gear 2.

The first major Samsung Galaxy S5 accessory may be a redesigned Galaxy Gear 2.

The Galaxy Gear shared a release date with the Galaxy Note 3 back in September and October and carriers even included bundles where consumers could buy the devices together. We would expect carriers to do the same with the Galaxy Gear 2, should one emerge from hiding in just a few short weeks.

Best Buy & Other Retailers

Finally, consumers should expect retailers like Best Buy and Amazon to carry the Samsung Galaxy S5. Best Buy, which houses in-store Samsung stores, will likely be one of the first major retailers to announce availability. We should also see other retailers, perhaps Walmart and RadioShack, extend the Galaxy S5 to their customers as well.

Best Buy offers the Xbox One online with delivery by Christmas.

Point is, expect the Galaxy S5 to be available not just in online and physical carrier stores but expect there to also be a wide swath of retailers that offer Samsung’s “Next Big Thing” as well.

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1 Comment

  1. Roger M. Krause

    02/09/2014 at 3:24 pm

    I have the Note 3, but am unclear what 4.4 update has to offer me. It seems like an economy model rather than offering more. When will we see Android 5?

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