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Samsung Galaxy S5 Render Compares Rumors to Galaxy S4 & Galaxy S3



A new Samsung Galaxy S5 render probably isn’t the real Galaxy S5 but it does give us a nice look at how Galaxy S5 rumors compare to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S3, two of the devices that Samsung’s new Galaxy S will join on shelves once its release date arrives later on this year.

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors have started to bombard consumers with information ranging from the device’s display, to its RAM, to its overall form factor. With a launch rumored for February 24th, many of those features have yet to firm up as Samsung attempts to keep the device hidden from view up until its shown off on stage.

The company is renowned for its ability to keep its major flagship designs, and features, a mystery until just before or up until a device’s actual launch event. Samsung managed to keep the Galaxy Note 3 design a complete mystery until it debuted with its faux leather design at IFA 2013 in September. That doesn’t mean that leaks don’t try.

A new Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor shows a possible design and dimensions.

A new Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor shows a possible design and dimensions.

Earlier this month we saw the credible Sonny Dickson leak out a supposed Galaxy S5 schematics that might show a 3D model that was given to accessory manufacturers. What we haven’t seen though are a ton of supposed Galaxy S5 “photos.” In years past, we’ve seen alleged photos of flagship devices leak ahead of launch. Most of them have turned out to be bogus.

Instead of dubious photo leaks, we’ve instead seen designers offer up their own versions of the Galaxy S5 and its design. For months, consumers have had access to an extensive collection of Galaxy S5 concepts that pull in many of the Galaxy S5 rumors that have swirled around. And today is no different.

This Galaxy S5 render compares Galaxy S5 rumors to older Galaxy S models.

This Galaxy S5 render compares Galaxy S5 rumors to older Galaxy S models.

A new Galaxy S5 render from Move Player, a Korean site, shows what a Samsung Galaxy S5 could look like next to the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4. The render pulls in some of the Galaxy S5 rumors that we’ve seen emerge in recent weeks including a large 5.25-inch display and the new look for TouchWiz that we’ve seen leak several times.

It does, however, include a a home button and bezels, something that The Korea Herald claims will not be coming on board the real Galaxy S5 when it arrives. The leaked 3D schematic however did include a home button, putting those rumors into flux.

Galaxy S5 rumors have also pointed to two models, one plastic and one metal and the plastic version has been described as having a soft touch back similar to the BlackBerry Z10 which can be seen in the photo below.

Rumors also point to a fingerprint reader embedded beneath the display for use on the bottom of the screen. Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor is embedded inside the home button. The fingerprint reader for allow for added security and added convenience as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to also feature a high-resolution display, speedy processor, 2GB to 3GB of RAM, 16MP camera, and Android 4.4.2 KitKat, the latest version of Android from Google.

Those rumors aren’t set in stone and likely won’t be until Samsung takes the stage later on this month. The Galaxy S5 will reportedly land at Samsung’s Unpacked 5 Episode 1 event in Barcelona, Spain alongside a brand new Galaxy Gear 2 accessory. That date hasn’t been confirmed but Samsung typically saves Unpacked events for its big name devices.

Last year’s Galaxy S4 arrived at the company’s Unpacked Episode 1 event in New York City. Samsung won’t be hosting the main event in NYC but there will be an auxiliary event in New York that Gotta Be Mobile will be attending.



  1. trob6969

    02/15/2014 at 10:22 am

    Why does EVERYBODY who does these reviews say “because it has the plastic back cover you can access the battery”? That’s a dumb statement because the material a manufacturer uses has NOTHING to do with weather the device can have a user accessible battery. Regardless of the build material, it depends solely on how the thing is designed. The original Motorola Droid’s entire casing was made of metal, including the back cover, yet the user could still swap the battery and microSD card very easily…stop echoing what other ‘tech’ reviewers think and leading people to believe that has anything to do with Samsung choosing to use polycarbonate for its phones. The company choose that material because its durable and flexible, unlike the scratch and dent prone aluminum that the other company uses…the way I see it, Samsung is doing right by only changing the texture of the polycarbonate (its not just ‘plastic’ like the reviewers choose to call it) because the S4 is slippery.

  2. khemza

    02/19/2014 at 2:01 am

    i didnt kno about it, and last week i received a call from Cell C network cmpany from South Africa sellng it to me.
    can you please help me with the number of the network company in south Africa so that i can apply for a contract of Samsung S5

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