Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumor Roller Coaster Continues
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumor Roller Coaster Continues



With the Samsung Galaxy S4 still alive and kicking and recently getting Android 4.3 Jelly Bean in the United States, consumers still have a top notch Galaxy S option available to them in the United States and elsewhere. However, despite the Galaxy S4’s flagship status, rumors of a successor continue to emerge as Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors march on as we get close to the end of the year.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, released back in April, remains Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S smartphone. It co-exists alongside the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung’s brand new 5.7-inch smartphone that offers users a completely difference experience from the Galaxy S4, thanks to a bundled S Pen stylus. And while the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 will remain Samsung’s flagship options for the next few months, rumors have already started to detail the company’s Galaxy S5.


Galaxy S5 rumors have been flying in recent weeks with whispers pointing to a 64-bit processor of the Exynos variety, a design that could take after the Galaxy Note 3 and a high-end camera that could be a stark improvement over the 13MP camera found in the Galaxy S4. Today though, Korean publication ETNews has shed some new light onto the Galaxy S5 camera, claiming that supply issues may force the company to drop Optical Image Stabilization from the Galaxy S5.

Samsung is reportedly having problems sourcing the parts needed to tack on OIS to the Galaxy S5’s camera, something that could ultimately force Samsung’s hand. The company could ultimately drop the feature from the phone, something that seems unlikely given that competitors like the LG G2 have it on board, or, it could push the Galaxy S5 launch out so that it can properly source the parts.

Galaxy S5 release rumors have pegged a launch as early as January with a release coming as early as February. The Galaxy S4 wasn’t announced until March and wasn’t released until April. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy S5 could come early with a Galaxy Note 3 design but that it could be joined by a new premium Galaxy series dubbed Galaxy F, a series that could finally offer a metal design to Galaxy buyers.

Samsung is likely going to put a high-end camera inside the Galaxy S5 with 13MP and 16MP sensors both rumored. It’s just not clear if it will have OIS on board or not at this point. We expect Galaxy S5 rumors to swirl as we head into 2014 with rumors picking up right around the start of the new year.



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