Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors Take Unsettling Turn
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors Take Unsettling Turn



For weeks now, Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors have been seeping to the surface, hinting at what may be on board the Galaxy S4 successor. Early rumors suggested that a Galaxy S5 metal design might be in the cards for 2014 though new reports suggest that while the company might be testing designs based on metal, the new Galaxy S smartphone may not have it on board.

Last year’s Samsung Galaxy S3 was one of the best selling smartphones of all time. This year’s Samsung Galaxy S4 was one of the most anticipated devices in recent memory and it too has gone on to live a successful life in regions around the world. And while both devices were among the best-selling smartphones on the planet, there are still those that want Samsung to make some major changes.


Calls for a departure from the company’s plastic design have been getting louder and louder, each and every year. Especially so after the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and HTC One all arrived with premium metal designs. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen rumors suggest that the Galaxy S5 could have a metal frame. We’ve also seen rumors suggest a plastic design like the Galaxy Note 3. And finally, a rumor suggested that we could see both a premium metal design and a plastic design. The rumors have helped to build not only excitement for Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone but anticipation as well.

Unfortunately, a new report from Digitimes is only going to cause prospective Galaxy S5 buyers more anxiety as it throws a wrench into the spokes of the previous rumors. The publication, which is known for its connections to the supply chain but is also known for being hit-or-miss, claims that information from Taiwan-based manufacturers suggests that a metal Galaxy S5 is unlikely due to lack of production.

By switching to a metal chassis, the company would incur higher production costs, costs that it may not even need to occur based on its past successes with its plastic designs. Not all hope is lost, however.

Digitimes also claims that Samsung is “currently still evaluating the adoption of metal chassis” and that future Samsung phones could adopt designs “featuring compound materials such as fiberglass/plastic or carbon fiber/plastic for its smartphones instead of a single materials to help save costs.”

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept with metal design.

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept with metal design.

Another hit-or-miss publication, ETNews, claims that Samsung is currently testing a “diamond metal surface treatment” for metal designs. The treatment would allegedly make it less vulnerable to scratches and damage.

The report does not suggest when this technology will arrive for Samsung smartphones, particularly massed produced products like the Galaxy S5. It does, however, point out that Samsung will need to make concessions in order to make a cost efficient smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 design rumors are in a great deal of flux right now, something that will likely make potential buyers uneasy as we head into 2014. Prospective Galaxy S5 buyers will want to take solace in the fact that nothing appears to be decided at this point and that Samsung Galaxy S designs are typically kept under lock and key.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to feature a 64-bit processor, 16MP camera sensor, and a display that measures 5-inches in size. The device will almost certainly be running Android 4.4 KitKat with a new version of Samsung TouchWiz UI on board. Rumors suggest that the device is already in testing at AT&T, which could mean that we see it arrive in the early part of 2014 as has been rumored.

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