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Samsung Galaxy S5 Storage Beats Galaxy S4



The Samsung Galaxy S5 will offer more storage than the Samsung Galaxy S4, and more storage than we originally reported, for nearly 11GB of free space for users who buy the device.

At the Samsung Galaxy S5 event we shared that the demo units only offered 8.65GB of storage to users, close to the amount the Galaxy S4 shipped with in 2013 to the frustration of buyers.

When we shared the Galaxy S5 storage space available, we cautioned that the number could change as the device came to market and cautioned that the miscellaneous files showed a large amount of storage.

The Galaxy S5 beats the Galaxy S4 on available storage, and both include a Micro SD card slot.

The Galaxy S5 beats the Galaxy S4 on available storage, and both include a Micro SD card slot.

A new report shows that the miscellaneous files were for the unpacked event, and will not be on the Galaxy S5 at retail, which gives users an additional 2GB of storage on the internal memory. With this new information users should expect to see 10.7GB of storage on the Galaxy S5, which is an increase of more than 20%. This is closer to the storage that a 16GB iPhone 5s offers users out of the box.

With the additional space users can install more apps or keep more files on the phone without buying a Micro SD card. Samsung includes a Micro SD card slot and supports 64GB Micro SD cards expanding the total storage amount to 80GB for the 16GB model and 96GB for the 32GB Galaxy S5.

See what is using so much Galaxy S5 storage space.

See what is using so much Galaxy S5 storage space.

This is a lot of added storage, but there are limitations to what users can keep on the Micro SD card in Android. We discovered that while Samsung lets users move apps to the SD card on the Galaxy S4, it is not something that works for every app. In Android 4.4.2 on the Galaxy S4 only certain apps can move files to the SD card, further complicating the use of a Micro SD card.

The best part about a Micro SD card for the Galaxy S5 is that it is a perfect place to keep photos users take with the 16MP camera. Users should be able to default the camera storage to the SD card to keep the phone storage open for apps and movie rentals.

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Samsung announced 16GB and 32GB Galaxy S5 models on stage, but so far there is no confirmation that U.S. carriers will offer both models at launch. The Galaxy S5 release date is set for April 11th, and we expect to see a U.S. release date near this day. The Samsung Galaxy S5 price is  unconfirmed, but should be around $620 to $650 off contract and $199 to $249 on contract.

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1 Comment

  1. Andy

    03/05/2014 at 12:24 am

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