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Samsung Galaxy S5 U.S. Details Surface in Bizarre Leak



It appears that the Samsung Galaxy S5, or at least a device with a model number thought to be the Sprint Galaxy S5, has surfaced on Sprint’s website in a User Agent Profile string. The UA Prof points to a number of rumored Galaxy S5 features including a full HD display and Android 4.4.2 KitKat but it also professes some bizarre features including a 13MP camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launch is rumored to be coming on February 24th. A New York Times report claims that Samsung will use the stage at its Unpacked 5 Episode 1 event in Barcelona, Spain to showcase not only the Galaxy S5 but also, a new Samsung Galaxy Gear, presumably called Galaxy Gear 2.

In the buildup to that event, Galaxy S5 rumors are swirling, and today especially we have seen a number of big time Galaxy S5 leaks seep to the surface.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will bring a 16MP camera to the party according to multiple sources.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will bring a 16MP camera to the party according to multiple sources.

The latest is from SammyToday who has spotted a User Agent Profile on Sprint’s website for a device called SM-G900P. The SM-G900 model number is thought to be for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the SM-G900P model number in particular is believed to be for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5. What this UA Prof does, at the very least, is point to the existence of a Sprint Galaxy S5. However, the leak is much more interesting than that.

It runs down a list of features on board this SM-G900P, again thought to be Sprint’s Galaxy S5. It lists a full HD display, meaning 1920×1080, instead of the QHD resolution that rumors have suggested will be on the Galaxy S5. The New York Times recently suggested that QHD would not arrive on the Galaxy S5.

It also lists a 13MP rear camera, strange considering all Galaxy S5 rumors have put a 16MP camera aboard the device. This device apparently has a 2MP camera in the front and it apparently uses a Qualcomm, an aging Qualcomm processor that is not the Snapdragon 800 or the Snapdragon 805, both rumored to be on board the Galaxy S5.

The device is also shown with 2GB of RAM, rumored to be on at least one variant of the Galaxy S5, and Android 4.4 KitKat, a piece of software that will more than likely be the base software for all Galaxy S5 models. It also features 16GB of storage with an apparent microSD card slot for expanded storage space.

While the model number, and the Galaxy S5, seem destined for Sprint, it’s not exactly clear what’s going on with these specifications and they only add to the mystery surrounding one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year.

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