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Samsung Galaxy S5 U.S. Release Date: Early Look at What Not to Expect



At some point in the next few months, Samsung will announce a brand new Galaxy S smartphone that will replace the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the company’s flagship model. We know this because Samsung itself has confirmed a new Galaxy S5 for arrival. Copious amounts of rumors help as well. The device is almost certainly going to be headed to the United States and here, we offer up our expectations about the eventual Galaxy S5 release in the U.S.

For months, consumers have heard about a potential Galaxy S4 successor in the Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung hasn’t many things just yet, it’s waiting for a big launch event to talk more about the next Galaxy S smartphone, but it has said enough to confirm the device’s existence. Rumors point to a big time update from the Galaxy S4 and excitement surrounding this smartphone launch is starting to increase.

The Galaxy S5 is thought to have a 5.25-inch QHD display and or a 1080 display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip or a Exynos 6 chip from Samsung, a 16MP camera sensor, Android 4.4 KitKat, a new user interface, and new security features. It’s also expected to come in both metal and plastic. These features are all but confirmed at this point thanks to the frequency of Galaxy S5 rumors and needless to say, consumers in the United States are excited.

Galaxy S5 rumors point to a launch in February or March with a release in April and it’s those rumors in particular that have consumers in the U.S. on edge. While we still aren’t exactly sure what’s on tap for consumers in the United States, we want to offer up our own expectations about the Galaxy S5 U.S. release date.

Specific Release Date Rumors

While the dates and products change year after year, Samsung and its carriers, like Apple and its carriers, stick to a pretty regular formula when it comes to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. We’ve seen improvements and tweaks to the process over the years, particularly with the release of the Galaxy Note 3, but the overall process is always pretty similar and thus, pretty predictable.

Usually, we hear a lot about the Galaxy S before its launch. Those rumors often include whispers about its release date. In fact, like we’ve said, the release is rumored for April, and more specifically, late April. That’s similar to the Galaxy S4 release. We also usually tend to get more specific timing including possible release weeks. However, in the United States, we almost never hear about specific release dates ahead of time.


Perhaps, it’s because carriers don’t decide on release dates until much later in the process. Whatever the case, leaked Galaxy S release dates in the U.S. are uncommon. So, prospective buyers should not expect to hear about specific U.S. release dates ahead of the Galaxy S5 launch.

Instead, we expect release dates to be exposed by carriers, or rumors, after the Galaxy S5 is shown off on stage.

Samsung Galaxy S5 to Be Alone

Samsung itself has said that it plans to launch wearables with its next Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones, which are scheduled to arrive in the spring and fall respectively. The devices that are coming with the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 are unknown though the company told Recode that it will be a “mix of devices — those that can operate independently and those that rely on a smartphone for part of their functionality.”


Given Samsung’s confirmation, consumers should not expect the Galaxy S5 to be released by itself. Carriers, or at least Samsung, should have some kind of new wearable available when the Galaxy S5 arrives. It’s possible that we could see the Galaxy Gear 2 emerge in the first part of the year and it’s possible that we could see something else. But we fully expect the Galaxy S5 to arrive with other products.

Stores to Open Early

Now, it’s time to get more specific about the Galaxy S5 release date in the U.S. First, don’t expect carrier stores to open early to accommodate those who are buying the Galaxy S5. We just haven’t seen carriers subscribe to the Apple-style launch with the Galaxy S series, not even with the Galaxy S3, a device that is one of the most popular smartphones of all time.


Instead, consumers who decide not to order the device online, should find their carrier stores and local retailers open at the same time that they normally open their doors. Part of this is due to the iPhone being in higher demand, part of it has to do with carrier release dates taking place on different dates as opposed to one like the iPhone.

To Wait in Line on Release Day

Not only do we not expect doors to open early on the Galaxy S5 release date, we don’t expect there to be Apple-style lines. Carriers usually release their devices on different dates and we generally don’t see the same fanaticism that comes with an iPhone launch. Instead, consumers should be able to waltz into a retailer or carrier store and snag the device with ease.

Weekend Release Dates

Don’t expect carriers to release their wares on a weekend. Smartphone launches almost always take place during the working week, often on Friday, and we don’t expect carriers or Samsung to switch up the formula here. It would be extremely strange to see carriers unleash their devices on the weekend. Instead, look for them to release during the week to a ton of publicity from the media.

Verizon Galaxy S5 to Be First

Consumers should not expect the Verizon Galaxy S5 release date to be first. While we saw Big Red make some strides with the Galaxy Note 3 and its release, it still has not shown a willingness to puts its device release dates at the head of the pack.

The Galaxy S4 wireless charger slips inside the back, so cases still work.

We don’t expect Verizon’s Galaxy S5 release to be weeks or months behind like they were for the Galaxy S4 and HTC One, but we would be shocked if the carrier beat out the other four major carriers to a Galaxy S5 release. This is what we expect to happen though we’re hoping that Verizon proves us dead wrong.

Samsung-made Galaxy S5 Accessories

We expect there to be a bunch of Galaxy S5 accessories in stock on day one but we don’t expect the stock to feature Samsung’s official Galaxy S5 accessory lineup. We might see a couple of Samsung-made accessories arrive in close proximity to the release in the U.S. but we do not expect to see everything.

The company simply has not shown a willingness to release its branded accessories in a swift manner and a good example of this is the Galaxy S4’s S-View Flip Cover with wireless charging only arrived today, many months after the Galaxy S4 launch and release. Don’t expect Samsung to make a drastic change here even though it would go a long way with consumers.

Every Galaxy S5 Color

Building on that point, don’t expect the Galaxy S5 to arrive in every single color on day one. It’s a prediction we made before and it’s one that we’re sticking to. Those who are doubtful about this need only look at the fact that a rose gold Galaxy Note 3 is currently rumored for Verizon, the key word being “rumored.”

The Galaxy Note 3 was released in October in the United States which means that a rose gold Galaxy Note 3 would come months after its release. Don’t expect anything different from the Galaxy S5. Samsung will likely stick to a few basic colors so that it can keep its supply chain pumping out devices to satisfy demand.

Zero Deals

Those on a budget should not expect to have to pay full price for the Galaxy S5 on-contract. Carriers likely won’t have any deals on the device but we should see third-party retailers like Wirefly and Amazon offer up deals either on release day or close to it.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hidden Features

The deals likely won’t be massive price cuts but we should see them knock off $20 to $30 in an effort to undercut the pricing at carriers and through Samsung itself. The deeper price cuts likely won’t arrive until much later in the year when the iPhone 6 is out competing against the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Apple-style Sell Out

Finally, do not expect the Samsung Galaxy S5, as a whole, to sell out completely. A metal design might make production a little more difficult for Samsung but given its prowess with the supply chain and the fact that its probably not going to see the same type of demand the iPhone 5s saw, we don’t expect there to be a massive sell out when these release dates arrive. A cheaper, plastic Galaxy S5 should also help to offset demand for the premium model as well.

Instead, we don’t expect anything other than a fairly smooth Galaxy S5 release with shipping dates remaining fairly static in the weeks after its arrival.

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1 Comment

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