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Samsung Galaxy S6 Price Details Emerge



The Samsung Galaxy S6 specs, release date and carriers are all confirmed though Samsung and its U.S. carrier partners failed to announce the Galaxy S6 price. While details are still extremely limited, we have discovered one U.S. Samsung Galaxy S6 price clue lurking in the fine print on a carrier’s Galaxy S6 contest page.

Earlier today, Samsung announced two new Galaxy S6 models dubbed Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Both devices are set to arrive starting April 10th and both devices will be heading to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon. Specific Galaxy S6 release date details remain out of reach for the U.S. though one, U.S. Cellular, says that it will release both during the month of April.

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 release date is confirmed for the U.S. and others, there are still some other key details that are missing in action. Storage options, colors, and the Galaxy S6 price are among the details that are up in the air after the Galaxy S6 launch. Carriers have yet to make their plans known though we have discovered one Galaxy S6 price detail lurking in the fine print for an upcoming contest.

T-Mobile and other U.S. carriers will be hosting Galaxy S6 contests in the buildup to the device’s release date. Those that pre-register for the Galaxy S6 on T-Mobile between March 1 and March 26th could win a collection of Samsung devices including TVs, tablets and wearables. Buried deep in the contest’s rules is some information about the Galaxy S6 price.



On its contest rules page, T-Mobile notes that the Approximate Retail Value of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is $699. The carrier does not list the ARV for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge because it isn’t one of the prizes. This ARV could serve as the off-contract price of the Samsung Galaxy S6 in the United States though that remains unconfirmed.

What it does confirm though is that the Galaxy S6 is going to be an expensive phone off-contract. Off-contract pricing in the United States typically hovers around the ARV for all carriers and last year’s Galaxy S5 ARV was right around the off-contract price for all major U.S. carriers. So while this ARV might not be the exact off-contract price, we do expect the off-contract Galaxy S6 price to fall somewhere between $600 and $700.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 price and Galaxy S6 Edge price will likely remain in the shadows until U.S. carriers are ready to announce firm and specific Galaxy S6 release date details. And with a worldwide release set for April 10th, we should see the Galaxy S6 price for the U.S. emerge sometime between now and then.


As for the international community, it appears that the Galaxy S6 will be priced at €699 for the 32GB model, €799 for the 64GB version, and €899 for the 128GB model. International pricing typically does not match up exactly with U.S. pricing so these prices may not have any barring on the U.S. Galaxy S6 price.

SamMobile has confirmed potential pricing for the Galaxy S6 Edge. The publication says that Samsung officials told them that the Galaxy S6 Edge will be€150 more than the regular version. If that’s true, the Galaxy S6 Edge could be priced at €849, €949, and €1049. It’s still not clear how much of a difference we’ll see in the U.S. though the Galaxy Note Edge is $100 more than the Galaxy Note 4.


Samsung’s Galaxy S6 will arrive in 20 unnamed countries on April 10th and the United States could definitely find itself amongst those markets. The U.S. is a key battleground in Samsung’s fight against Apple and the iPhone and the country is typically among the first to all major Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note releases.

The new Galaxy S6 comes with an assortment of upgrades including a 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display with 577 ppi, Exynos 7 octo-core processor from Samsung, 32/64/128GB of storage with no microSD card slot, Android 5.0 Lollipop with a new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface, a 16MP camera, a 5MP front-facing camera, Cat.6 LTE, and a 2550 mAh (Galaxy S6) and 2600 mAh battery (S6 Edge).

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge will come with similar specifications though its will feature a unique curved display that bends down over the two sides of the phone. Both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge eschew plastic in favor of a bold new design that features a combination of metal and glass that also features Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4.



  1. NerdShouts

    03/02/2015 at 5:19 am

    Galaxy S6 Edge is something I may get hands on. S6 is clearly looking a waste of time product. Samsung finally ruined the S series with cheap design. I know, cheap design is one of the most important thing in S series design profile but still, this new bumper thing is ugly.

  2. Andy

    04/23/2015 at 6:41 pm

    The Galaxy S6 is wonderful. With great performance, premium design , and a camera that just screams, it’s one of the best Android phones out there. It’s a solid buy for anyone looking for a premium, solid, not-ginormous Android device.

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