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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date Breakdown



The Samsung Galaxy S6 is finally here and as expected, consumers have been treated to a ton of information regarding the Galaxy S6 release date. Here, in an effort to aid those who might be interested in the Galaxy S5 successor, we breakdown the upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge release date for the United States.

Finally, after weeks and weeks of rumor, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is finally official. The device, which replaces the Galaxy S5 as the company’s flagship, will introduce a number of new features including a brand new design that features metal and glass, a Quad HD display that’s regular on the Galaxy S6 and curved on the Galaxy S6 Edge, an 16MP improved camera, an efficient Exynos 7 Octa processor, and more. The company’s also outlined the Galaxy S6 release date and the Galaxy S6 Edge release date which, to some people, is just as important as the specs.


Rumors leading up to the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date put the Galaxy S6 release date somewhere in March or April. All along, we said that April seemed like the front-runner and today, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge release dates will fall into the month of April. The company even went out of its way to confirm a specific starting point for the Galaxy S6 release.

We also have seen a ton of details regarding the Samsung Galaxy S6 release in the United States emerge, not just for top carriers, but for smaller carriers as well.

With Galaxy S6 details swirling, we want to breakdown the Samsung Galaxy S6 release, including everything we know about its release date, pre-orders and pricing. There are still some missing details, to be expected given that this is day one, but there are certainly a great number of details available to those in the United States and elsewhere. Let’s take a look.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S6 release date is confirmed for April 10th. Now, it’s important to note that the company’s exact words are “available globally starting from April 10, 2015.” What this means is that some regions are going to get the Samsung Galaxy S6 on April 10th while others will be made to wait. If you’ve been through this before, this shouldn’t surprise you.


Samsung always takes a staggered approach to its Galaxy S release dates. Important regions like Korea and the U.S. are typically in the front of the pack while smaller regions tend to get the device a few weeks after the initial release date. Samsung’s once again left the release date confirmations in the hands of individual carriers so buyers will need to keep an eye out for concrete release date information. We should see new information emerge between now and April 10th.

The company did say that we’ll see the device hit 20 countries on April 10th but we still don’t know precisely where the phone will drop on April 10th. Again, the safest bet is on massive and key markets.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge shares an April 10th release date with the Galaxy S6. It also shares its vague details. It’s clear that this phone will be out at the same time as the regular model though given what we’ve heard about supply, it may be a little harder to find once April 10th rolls around. We should see it released in a staggered manner as well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 U.S. Release

As expected, the Galaxy S6 is heading to the United States. There are many details that are still missing U.S. carriers should start to fill in the blanks once we get close to April 10th.


AT&T actually confirmed the arrival of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge last week via a sign up page that allows potential buyers to input their email for official details. Today, the carrier’s officially confirmed both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge for release though it hasn’t said anything more specific about the release dates. For now, the release dates are simply confirmed for Spring 2015.

The carrier notes that “pricing, availability and further details will be announced at a later date” and that Samsung’s next big thing is “almost here.” We should see AT&T confirm more specific Galaxy S6 release and Galaxy S6 Edge release date details in the weeks leading up to the April 10th release date, especially if the carrier opts to take pre-orders for its new flagships.


The AT&T Galaxy S6 release will also include some kind of contest. The carrier notes that interested consumers should  “visit AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S6 coming soon page to enter its Gear S sweepstakes and that buyers should “check back daily for a chance to win a Samsung Gear S from AT&T.” It’s not clear when this contest will begin though we should see new information emerge soon if AT&T’s planning to deliver near the April 10th starting date.

We still do not know which storage options, or colors, AT&T will have in stock once the Galaxy S6 release date does arrive.


Sprint also confirmed the arrival of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge through a teaser page last week. The sign up page did not outline any specific release details and the carrier still isn’t talking about its release date or any of its important release details.

A recent leak hinted at a Sprint Galaxy S6 contest though the carrier still hasn’t made any of those details available. Right now, interested parties can input their information to learn more about the Sprint Galaxy S6 release in the future.

The carrier has yet to confirm any pricing, color or storage information which means that those interested in the Sprint Galaxy S6 release will have to remain patient while the carrier works behind the scenes to iron out the final details.


T-Mobile also confirmed the devices last week though today, the carrier is talking about the Galaxy S6 release and Galaxy S6 Edge release in more detail on its sign up page.


While the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 release dates aren’t confirmed, the carrier says that those who pre-register will be filled in on the particulars once the carrier is able to confirm them. The carrier also notes that those who sign up early will enter into a contest to win a free suite of Samsung products. The exact details can be found here.

T-Mobile is excited to introduce the reimagined, beautiful, and powerful Galaxy S® 6 and SamsungGalaxy S® 6 edge. By registering today, we’ll keep you updated when they’re available. Don’t forget to check back for the latest T-Mobile updates on unique product overviews, content, and availability. Plus, from 3/1/15 to 3/26/15, you can enter for a chance to win weekly prizes or the grand prize of an entire Samsung ecosystem worth up to $3,500.

What’s interesting is that T-Mobile’s sign up page lists three of the four Galaxy S6 colors. While this doesn’t confirm T-Mobile’s offerings it makes the release of black, white and gold options very likely. It does not list anything about storage so it’s not clear if the carrier will carry all three Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge variants.

U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular, the nation’s fifth largest carrier, says that it will release the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in April. It doesn’t provide a specific date though the emergence of this release window means that U.S. Cellular customers can prepare for an arrival next month. It also means that other U.S. carriers will almost certainly release their variants in April as well.

The carrier told Gotta Be Mobile that it will share “presale information” as soon as it can which hints at Galaxy S6 pre-orders. The carrier did not confirm a pre-sale date though that language leaves the door open for one ahead of the Galaxy S6 release next month.


Like the others, U.S. Cellular does not list any information about color or storage which means that those details will likely remain a mystery up until the carrier confirms the rest of its Galaxy S6 release information.


Verizon’s also confirmed a Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge release and it says that the two devices will be available starting in early Q2. Q2 spans from April to June which means that an arrival in April seems likely at this point.

The company’s put up a sign up page ahead of the Galaxy S6 release which allows users to put in their information. Verizon will send out official details to those that pre-register. Unfortunately, the sign up page doesn’t reveal anything about pricing, storage or colors.

Other Carriers

Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS have also confirmed upcoming Galaxy S6 release dates. None of them have confirmed specific Galaxy S6 release details saving those announcements for a later date.

These carriers only confirmed the Galaxy S6 and not the Galaxy S6 Edge which means that the Galaxy S6 Edge might be reserved for major U.S. carriers. If true, and it could be, the Galaxy S6 Edge will follow in the footsteps of the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge.

Galaxy S6 Pre-Orders

Carriers are currently mum on pre-order dates though based on U.S. Cellular’s language and the flagship status of this phone, we do expect at least some carriers and retailers to take early orders for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.


Samsung’s confirmed the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge release for several retailers including Best Buy, Amazon, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target and Walmart. The company notes that the devices will be sold through Best Buy’s Samsung Experience shops inside Best Buy stores. That explains why we’ve spotted placeholders for the Galaxy S6 inside Best Buy locations.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Best Buy -2

Best Buy currently has a sign up page for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge which allows potential customers to sign up to be notified about official information when it’s release. Retailers often take pre-orders ahead of time so we might see Best Buy and others offer early orders to those interested in buying the devices ahead of their official release dates.

Galaxy S6 Price

Carriers and retailers are mum about specific Galaxy S6 pricing though we have found one detail buried in T-Mobile’s Galaxy S6 contest page. The carrier notes that the ARV (Approximate Retail Value) for the Galaxy S6 is $699. That could be the device’s off-contract price point though that remains unconfirmed right now.

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