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Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Date Firms Up



The Samsung Galaxy S6 release date continues to firm up ahead of Samsung’s Unpacked event on March 1st. While the exact Galaxy S6 release date remains out of reach, we’re starting to see a possible release window emerge, one that matches some of the early Galaxy S6 release date rumors that emerged several weeks ago.

Early on in the Samsung Galaxy S6 rumor cycle, we saw reports hint at the Galaxy S6 release date. Those reports suggested that the Galaxy S6 release date would come a bit earlier than last year’s Samsung Galaxy S5 release which took place in April after a launch in late February. Specifically, those rumors hinted at a Galaxy S6 release date two to three weeks earlier than last year, a time frame that seemed to put the release in late March or early April.

The Galaxy S6 concept next to the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha.

The Galaxy S6 concept next to the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 rumor cycle continues to mature and so does the Galaxy S6 release date. Yesterday, a leak pointed to blackout dates for Samsung Mobile employees that canvassed March 22nd to March 30th and April 19th to April 27th. Companies often use blackout dates for major product launches and there’s speculation that these dates might be for the Galaxy S6. While that’s not confirmed, it’s now clear that Samsung is blocking off those dates, a sign that we could perhaps see the Galaxy S6 arrive early.

A new leak from Android Police shows the same dates blocked off for Samsung employees. So not only do these dates align with each other, they all take place just a few short weeks after Samsung’s set to unveil the Galaxy S6. If there was any doubt about the Galaxy S6 launch date, Samsung cleared the air today with a new teaser that essentially confirms the Galaxy S6 launch date for March 1st at MWC 2015.

Samsung’s rumored to have two new Galaxy S6 models up its sleeve, one regular and one Galaxy S6 Edge with a curved display, and the arrival of these two blackout periods seems to point to two separate releases. Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge was released several weeks after the Galaxy Note 4 so we could see the company employ something similar here with its Galaxy S6 release date. So while nothing is confirmed, a Galaxy S6 release in March and a Galaxy S6 Edge release in April looks probable.

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 release getting closer, we’ve begun to see tons of new rumors and leaks hint at the Galaxy S6 specs, Galaxy S6 design, Galaxy S6 accessories, and more. Earlier this week, known Galaxy S6 model numbers emerged on Samsung’s website pointing to prep work behind the scenes. We have not, however, seen the Galaxy S6 models pass through the FCC, one of the key steps smartphones must take before they can be released.

Count on an upgraded 2k display, many sensors and an upgraded fingerprint reader.

Count on an upgraded 2k display, many sensors and an upgraded fingerprint reader.

Galaxy S6 specs will supposedly include a 5.1-inch Quad HD display, Exynos 7 chip from Samsung, a 16MP or 20MP rear camera with Optical Image Stabilization, a 5MP front-facing camera, tons of storage space, Android 5.0 Lollipop featuring a toned down version of the company’s TouchWiz user interface, and more.

Recent Galaxy S6 rumors have focused in on the device’s design which is rumored to be made out of metal. For years, Samsung stuck to its plastic designs before shifting to a combination of metal and plastic on the Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Alpha. Both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge are expected to incorporate premium materials into their design.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 remains unconfirmed though we should only have to wait a few weeks before Samsung takes the stage to confirm all of the key details including the Galaxy S6 release date.

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