5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Details Emerge
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5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Details Emerge



A number of new and credible Samsung Galaxy S6 release details have emerged today ahead a Galaxy S6 launch date that’s expected to take place in the beginning of March.

For several weeks, Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors have emerged at a breakneck pace teasing everything from the Galaxy S6 design to the Galaxy S6 display to the Galaxy S6 release date. Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors continue to firm up ahead of Samsung’s March 1st Unpacked event and a flurry of new details appear to have outed several of Samsung’s secrets ahead of Mobile World Congress 2015 and the company’s big announcement.

Galaxy S6 rumors point to the arrival of two Galaxy S6 models, a regular variant and one that utilizes a curved display. Samsung’s media invitations helped fuel the fire thanks a prominent curve on the front of the invite. The curve looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, a curved version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Evidence continues to mount and today, several leaks have outlined Samsung’s plans in great detail.

This could be the new Galaxy S6.

This could be the new Galaxy S6.

A report from CNET Asia showcases what appears to be the Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 Edge, in render form. The image shows what could be the back of the Galaxy S6 alongside a device with two bent edges. The Galaxy S6 Edge is heavily rumored to have two curves instead of one. The Galaxy Note Edge utilizes just one curve.

While there is no way to confirm that these are the real deal, everything here lines up with what we’ve heard about the Galaxy S6 design including camera placement. Galaxy S6 rumors have also hinted at a home button with a fingerprint sensor and one of the renders shows off a physical home button in the usual area.

There is a Samsung event on March 1st.

There is a Samsung event on March 1st.

A report from SamMobile outlines, in detail, some of the design language that we’re seeing here in these images. The publication claims that the Galaxy S6 Edge display will be “30 to 50 percent less curved than the Edge display” to accommodate the button placement and the smaller size of the Galaxy S6. The device is expected to include a 5.1-inch display. The Galaxy Note Edge uses a 5.7-inch display.

The site also claims that the camera module on the back will sport the same color as the the Galaxy S6. This is a design element that’s evident on devices like the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4. Samsung’s rumored to have four Galaxy S6 colors on the way including dark blue, blue-green, gold and white. It appears that the front and back will feature similar colors as well. This hints at a metal design.

Galaxy S6 rumors have been adamant about a design language change from plastic to premium materials and rumors have centered on metal design elements, perhaps similar to the metal found on the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Alpha. There’s also chatter about the use of glass, potentially on the back of the device. Galaxy S6 rumors pointed to an all-metal form factor as well.

If these rumors weren’t enough to solidify Samsung’s plans ahead of time, look no further than the company itself. Galaxy Club recently discovered recent trademark filings for the names “Galaxy S6” and “S6 edge.” The trademarks were awarded in South Korea. Companies trademark all sorts of names but this is likely more than just mere coincidence. We’ll know more in just a few short weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors point to a collection of high-powered specifications including a souped up Quad HD display, Exynos 64-bit processor, 20MP camera with OIS, wireless charging, a new payment system, four new colors, and a release on all five major carriers in the United States which includes AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date is expected on March 1st at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. There, the company is expected to detail all of its Galaxy S6 specs and Galaxy S6 release details.

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date is all but confirmed, the release date is not. Rumors suggest that Samsung’s Next Big Thing could arrive two to three weeks earlier than usual which means that we could see the Galaxy S6, and all of its new features, emerge in late March or early April. Samsung’s last two Galaxy S models arrived in April.

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