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Samsung Galaxy S6: 11 Things You Need to Know This Week



The Samsung Galaxy S6 rumor mill continues to spin and in the past week, we’ve seen tons of new details emerge ahead of the device’s upcoming launch. Today, we round all of those details up and deliver what we think are the most important Galaxy S6 release details you need to know about a week out from its launch date.

For nearly two months, we’ve been bombarded with a barrage of Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors that have hinted at everything from the Galaxy S6 launch to the Galaxy S6 specs to the Galaxy S6 design to the Galaxy S6 release date. Recently, we’ve begun to see many of these Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors firm up ahead of launch. Samsung itself has even joined in on the fun with teasers promoting “The Next Galaxy.”

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the mobile industry’s worst kept secret and it’s on a collision course with March 1st. There, at Samsung’s Unpacked event, we expect to have all of our questions answered. There, we expect Samsung to show off its Next Big Thing, a device that is going to take on the iPhone 6, LG G4, HTC One M9, and many others.

Our Galaxy S6 concepts bring the rumors to life.

Our Galaxy S6 concepts bring the rumors to life.

Naturally, consumers are excited and many of you have been following along as we, and many others, detail the latest Galaxy S6 details. Others, while also excited, maybe haven’t been able to follow as closely. With the latter group in mind, we want to take a look at fifteen things we think you need to know this week about the Samsung Galaxy S6 specs, the Galaxy S6 launch date, the Galaxy S6 release date, and more.

This Galaxy S6 rumor roundup will get you caught up to speed and prepare you for the Galaxy S6’s launch date which is all but confirmed for March 1st in Barcelona, Spain.

New Galaxy S6 Concept Brings Latest Rumors to Life

We recently shared our own Samsung Galaxy S6 concept based on Galaxy S6 rumors and this week, another take on the Galaxy S6 rumors has appeared, courtesy of Jermaine Smit and Ivo Maric.

These Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge concepts, which can be seen in the video above, draw from the current Galaxy S6 rumor mill and offer a glimpse at what the real devices could look like when they arrive in just a few short weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Prep Continues

Samsung Galaxy S6 release prep continues ahead of launch. Case maker Spigen is touting nine different Galaxy S6 accessories on its website. The accessories come in an assortment of colors at a number of different price points. Spigen’s accessories feature an April 1st release date which is likely just a placeholder and not a concrete Galaxy S6 release date.

ItsSkins, in a post on Facebook, says that it will be putting its own Galaxy S6 cases up for pre-order on March 15th. That date comes just a few weeks after the Galaxy S6 launch date on March 1st and a few days before Samsung’s expected to release the Galaxy S6. We expect to see more accessory makers attempt to capitalize on the spotlight in the next week or so.

Galaxy S6 Release Date Inching Closer

The Samsung Galaxy S6 release date is inching closer. We now know this because the Galaxy S6 (SM-G920F) and Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925F) were both recently spotted cruising through the Global Certification Forum on their way to shelves. GCF certifications are just one of many certifications that the Galaxy S6 will receive ahead of its release date.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept - gottabemobile - 17

It’s worth noting that these GCF certs are for two variants of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The device is expected to come in two different makes, a regular model and a Galaxy S6 Edge, and both of those should come in a number of different variants based on region and carrier. So while these certifications are exciting, the company still has a long way to go before it gets all of its models ready for public consumption.

Galaxy S6 Release All but Confirmed in UK

Carphone Warehouse, a huge retailer in the United Kingdom, posted its first Galaxy S6 splash page ahead of the Unpacked event. The new sign up page hints at a Samsung Galaxy S6 release for carriers in the United Kingdom. The page also allows interested parties to sign up to obtain information directly from the retailer itself.

Carphone Warehouse isn’t the first company to try and capitalize on the Galaxy S6’s buzz either. We’ve also seen Belsimpel post a splash page teasing the arrival of the Galaxy S6 in advance. Vodafone Netherlandsused to have a Galaxy S6 splash page up though the carrier has since taken it down. We’ve even seen known Galaxy S6 model numbers emerge on Samsung’s website.

Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6 Heats Up

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are two of the top smartphones on the planet and they will be fierce Galaxy S6 rivals. That battle is already starting to heat up as Samsung recently confirmed its purchase of LoopPay. The service is expected to help Samsung, and the Galaxy S6, compete with Apple’s brand new Apple Pay platform.

LoopPay already works with over 10,000 banks and cards and around 90% of retail locations. Instead of using NFC to make the payment like Apple Pay, LoopPay sends a wireless signal to the magnetic card reader. The company already sells a standalone product that works with Android phones. Rumors suggest that LoopPay technology will be built into the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6 Camera Confirmed

A report from SamMobile claims that the Galaxy S6 camera debate is settled. Galaxy S6 rumors originally hinted at a 16MP sensor or a 20MP camera sensor but it looks like the company’s settled on a 16MP sensor that’s similar to the module found inside the Galaxy S6.

The site claims that Samsung’s made some tweaks to the camera which makes sense given how much the company’s been talking about the device’s camera in recent days. Samsung’s been busy promoting its Galaxy S camera like never before with blog posts and teasers so we could see the company deliver some significant changes.

Samsung Fuels Galaxy S6 Design Rumors

Samsung continues to fan the flames around the Galaxy S6 design. Galaxy S6 design rumors have virtually all hinted at a premium design with metal and perhaps glass as well.

Today, Samsung released a new Galaxy S6 teaser that hints at the Galaxy S6’s form factor. The teaser, which the company posted on Twitter, appears to hint at both metal and glass.

Where there’s smoke, there’s generally a lot of fire, and it’s looking like we might finally see the company produce an iPhone-like design to appease its fans and consumers around the world.

Galaxy S6 Battery Details

In the past week, we’ve seen a number of leaks point to the size of the Galaxy S6 battery. Photos from Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo appear to show a 2600 mAh battery for a Galaxy S6 variant. This leak followed a report from earlier in the week that outed the Galaxy S6 battery size as 2600 mAh, or, 200 mAh less than the Galaxy S5’s battery.

The Galaxy S6 concept next to the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha.

The Galaxy S6 concept next to the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Alpha.

If Samsung does utilize a smaller battery for its Galaxy S6, it’s a sign that the company is putting a whole lot of faith into its new Exynos 7 chip set that’s expected to arrive inside the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S6 is also expected to feature software tweaks which could help it to deliver solid battery life without a massive battery on board.

It’s also worth noting that Samsung’s all but confirmed wireless Galaxy S6 charging.

Galaxy S6 vs.

We recently started taking an early look at how the Galaxy S6 could stack up against the rest of the competition. So far, we’ve matched the rumored Galaxy S6 up with:

Galaxy S6 Launch & Price: What to Expect

We’ve also taken a close look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date, expected to be March 1st at Mobile World Congress, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 price. The Samsung Galaxy S6 price remains extremely elusive in the buildup to the Galaxy S6 launch event but our guide should help consumers set expectations ahead of the device’s arrival.

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