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Samsung Rumored to Have Placed 10 Million Galaxy S III Pre-Orders



Samsung is allegedly about to report it shipped 40 million smartphones in Q1 2012. It also appears that next quarter, it is on track to ship 50 million phones in just three months. Those numbers will come from the low-end of the market and from an unannounced high-end phone.

According to Unwired View by way of Eldur Murtazin, Samsung’s partners have already pre-ordered 10 million Galaxy S III phones. Samsung hasn’t publicly announced the phone yet, though we have seen a number of alleged leaks and renders.

The rumors we’ve seen of the Galaxy S III range from a full HD display to a ceramic body with inductive charging. The leaks and renders make the phone sound just a bit outlandish at times, and a natural evolution of the S II the rest of the time.

Based on what we’ve heard, combined with Samsung’s track record, there are surely more than a few users who would pre-order the phone without seeing it. We hope that Samsung’s partners aren’t pre-ordering the phone blindly, though.

Surprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy Y is also said to contribute a lot to that number. The Galaxy Y is a low-end phone targeted at emerging markets that’s typically sold at a cheaper, unsubsidized price. The average price of the phone is around $120, making it very affordable.

Strategy Analytics says the Galaxy Y is seeing a sales rate on par with the Galaxy S II. Samsung is shipping 1.75 million Galaxy Y phones each month, which is a pretty big number for any smartphone.

Paired with the physical keyboard-equipped Galaxy Y Pro and other inexpensive phones, Samsung is shipping between 8 and 10 million low-end phones each quarter.

Of course, Samsung also has those 5 million shipped Galaxy Notes to add to the total. Whether you like giant phones or not, it seems Samsung has no problem shipping its phablet to users who don’t mind a phone that requires two hands.

With numbers like this, Samsung has cemented itself as the leader of the pack among Android phone manufacturers. HTC is fighting back with its One line, but it hasn’t seen much success with other phones as of late.

Motorola is also taking a few shots with its RAZR line and the rumored upcoming Droid Fighter, and with the Google acquisition, it might be able to put up more of a fight.

There’s also Sony, LG, and a number of smaller manufacturers like ZTE and Huawei, but few of them (if any) seem capable of matching or beating Samsung’s huge numbers.



  1. Magnus100

    03/30/2012 at 7:50 pm

    Just release the freaking phone already Samsung!

  2. E-Mail

    03/31/2012 at 6:51 pm


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