Samsung Promises Better Device Names for U.S.
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CES 2013

Samsung Promises Better Device Names for U.S.



With names like the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Samsung’s products names can be easily confusing to those in the market for a new smartphone or tablet. However, it appears that changes might be on the way as Samsung Mobile has promised to offer better names on its devices in the future.

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In comments made to Gotta Be Mobile at CES 2013, Samsung Mobile’s Director of Product Marketing Ryan Biden confirmed that his team is working on better product names for future smartphones and tablets.

Biden promised that the company would offer better, more consumer friendly device names, a departure from its past work which included some devices that sounded like tongue twisters rather than actual device names.


Samsung has promised better device names for the U.S. but don’t expect it to apply to the flagship Galaxy S series.

Biden did not mention any specific devices that would be seeing a name change in the future but we doubt that it will affect any of its mainstream devices like the Samsung S series and the Samsung Galaxy Note, both of which have made their mark on a global scale. It’s possible that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could launch as something else but with the Galaxy S3 name in the minds of millions around the globe, it would be rather surprising to see Samsung shift it naming practices with its flagship.

And while that might be the case, don’t expect Sprint to offer its own Galaxy S name like it did with the Samsung Galaxy S2 when it branded the device with the confusing Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch moniker.

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Where Samsung will likely make the change is on some of its other devices including its tablets, which have received an assortment of confusing names from Samsung in the past. Samsung has launched devices with names like Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, which are a mouthful.

The name changes could also extend to some of the company’s other lower-tiered devices, like the Galaxy S Blaze 4G. Samsung has made a big enough name for itself in the market that it no longer should have to borrow the Galaxy S name and extend it to its other devices in an effort to boost visibility and sales.

Samsung’s first big reveal, which should be the Galaxy S4, likely won’t mark the start of Samsung’s shift to better device names in the United States. Rather, look for the company to make some adjustments on some of its other devices later in the year.

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