Samsung Stratosphere Might Be Next Verizon 4G LTE Smartphone

Toss this one into the rumor mill for the time being but Droid-Life presents a pretty convincing case here. It seems that Verizon and Samsung are preparing a device called the Samsung Stratosphere that may or may not be the carrier’s next 4G LTE device. According to their sources, the device is in fact a 4G LTE device and Samsung is hoping to make a big splash with it. Unfortunately, the details other than the name of the device are still under wraps.

It’s certainly possible that it could be the Verizon-bound 4G slider that we saw a few weeks back but it’s also possible that the Stratosphere is some kind of Galaxy S II device. If I had to bet, I’d bet on the former but hey, let’s stay optimistic here guys. That being said, as the report notes, if this is in fact a LTE Galaxy S II device, it probably won’t launch in August.

Samsung Stratosphere

Wait, there’s more. Proof of this device’s existence in fact. A support page for the Samsung Stratosphere exists over on Verizon’s website which is something that Big Red creates for all of its new devices. It currently shows a Not Found page but it’s definitely there sans information. So, what gives? Well, the redirect means that it’s a page in the works rather than a page that doesn’t exist.

A page that doesn’t exist on Verizon’s website brings you to an entirely different page without any redirect. Of course, this could all be just coincidence but it’s looking like more than just that.

So folks, it’s possible that this could be a 4G LTE Epic 4G which means that it could launch this month as a sort of place holder for the Motorola Droid Bionic’s launch which won’t be happening until sometime in September. If we’re lucky though, the Samsung Stratosphere could be something much bigger. Galaxy S II big.