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Screens 3 by Edovia On Black Friday Sale for $9.99



Occasionally amidst all of the Black Friday gadget deals, a software deal comes along that is worth your attention.  Edovia’s Screens 3 is one of the best VNC apps for iOS. The App normally sells for $19.99 but Edovia is running a Black Friday promotion through December 1 and you can purchase the App for only $9.99. You can download the App at the discounted rate at this iTunes link beginning on Black Friday.

IMG_0086Screens 3 (now 3.1) allows you to remotely log in and control your Mac via a free downloadable client. PC or Linux users need to configure their routers manually to work with Screens. It is also a great screen sharing application. Newly coded for 64 bit architecture, Edovia has done a great job of creating a very clean VNC experience with Screens and one that uses the iOS multi-touch interface well. Screens is great for troubleshooting from afar, moving documents around, or even getting some work done on your desktop at the office while sitting on your couch at home.

Edovia makes good use of gestures for clicking and dragging windows, or even working with the Windows 8.1 Charms menu. One hint though, you’ll need to turn off multi-touch controls in your iOS settings for this gesture control to be effective. Screens 3.1 also works with multiple monitors if that’s how your desktop is configured.


1 Comment

1 Comment

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